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Art Department's Annual Holiday Sale Wednesday and Thursday

November 28, 2012 — 9:29 a.m.

image of the poster annual Cypress College Art Department Holiday Sale in the Cypress College Art Gallery

The Art Department hosts their annual Holiday Sale in the Cypress College Art Gallery. The two-day event begins this morning at 9 a.m.

Today's hours are 9 a.m.-8 p.m., on Thursday, they are 9 a.m.-1 p.m.

The sale — one of the most-popular events on the annual campus calendar — offers unique artwork in a variety of styles and media.

Posted by Marc S. Posner

Cypress College Announces 'Thirties' Courses Added After Passage of Prop. 30

November 27, 2012 — 11:36 a.m.

As a result of the passage of Proposition 30, 1,000 extra seats in class are now available for Spring 2013. The courses listed in the linked PDF file have been added for spring 2013 subsequent to printing of the schedule. Also, space in 11 previously scheduled courses has been substantially expanded.

We at Cypress College are committed to using the Prop. 30 funding to support your education. In addition to these courses, Cypress College will be holding a summer term in 2013. Details will be available in the spring.

Posted by Marc S. Posner

Cypress College Adding Spring Classes, Commits to Summer 2013 Following Passage of Prop. 30

November 16, 2012 — 5:25 p.m.

Cypress College's Summer 2013 term has been preserved, and for Spring 2013, 30 courses will be added or expanded — generating 1,000 additional seats — following the passage of Proposition 30 in this month's General Election.

The college's deans and Interim Executive Vice President Steve Donley are in the process of identifying the spring courses, and a course list for the expanded spring offerings is expected following the Thanksgiving holiday, just in time for registration. Development of the summer schedule is schedule to be completed in the spring.

The election result brought a sigh of relief to many on campus, in the North Orange County Community College District, and across the state's community college system. Dramatic additional budget reductions would have been needed if the measure had failed. Instead, the college is facing a difficult, though not seemingly impossible, budget reduction of $1.5 million for next fiscal year and beyond.

Dr. Simpson called the result "very good news".

"We are all relieved that Proposition 30 received significant support and was adopted by the voters of the state of California," Dr. Simpson said in an email to the campus community. "To all of you who worked to get the message out of the importance of this initiative to our students, both current and future, thank you!"

The proposition, which passed with 53.9% of ballots cast in favor, also means the addition of 1,000 seats between now and the end of the academic year. Summer 2013 will be a similar size schedule as last year, Dr. Simpson said.

"Details of the specific impact on our programs will be discussed at open forums throughout the District over the next few weeks," he said. "Suffice it to say that we will pull together, in accord with our values and as we have done in the past, to address this very good news."

While it is good news — preventing the need for dramatic mid-year reductions — the measure does not address all of the college's financial concerns.

An on-going structural deficit created by earlier cuts, and covered by expenditures of campus and district reserves, is at roughly $5 million across the North Orange County Community College District.

Cypress College will need to address its share by identifying and implementing more than $1.5 million in additional, on-going cuts.

Since 2008-2009, more than 100 positions have remained vacant to offset cuts from the state, according to Fred Williams, Vice Chancellor of Finance and Facilities. Jeff Horsley, Vice Chancellor of Human Resources, said that passage of Prop. 30 would appear to mean that discussions about furloughs won't be necessary.

NOCCCD Chancellor Dr. Ned Doffoney went a step further in addressing employees: "Those of you who have jobs, and are doing a good job will continue to have your jobs."

Posted by Marc S. Posner

Dr. Simpson Presents Annual Update to NOCCCD Trustees

November 16, 2012 — 5:10 p.m.

Dr. Simpson presented the college's annual update to Trustees of the North Orange County Community College District on Tuesday evening (November 13, 2012). The report to the Board covered three documents produced by the college: The 2011-2012 Institutional Effectiveness Report, the 2011-2012 Dashboard of Institutional Effectiveness, and the 2011-2012 End-of-the-Year Report.

The president also covered program reviews for Instruction and Student Services areas, and he identified challenges and goals for the current academic year.

During the presentation, Dr. Simpson noted that 2011-2012 was an extremely busy year, one that included a confluence of report deadlines that coincides once every 30 years. During the year, college employees developed responses to the accreditation recommendations, worked on the District Comprehensive Master Plan, the Districtwide Strategic Plan for 2012-2014, the Cypress College Strategic Plan for 2011-2014, participated in completion of the Budget Allocation, Decision Making Resource, and Integrated Planning manuals, helped craft the Program Discontinuance Policy, and implemented a 16-week semester.

Dr. Simpson noted that the presentation also reflected a year of transition from the previous Strategic Plan to the current. New Strategic Plan directions are completely aligned with those of the District.

To that end, Dr. Simpson discussed efforts to improve completion rates, progress on basic skills and eliminating the Achievement Gap, planning and decision-making, and collaborative relations.

Posted by Marc S. Posner

Spring 2013 Schedule of Classes Now Available Online

November 7, 2012 — 10:37 a.m.

The Spring 2013 Schedule of Classes is now available online.

Cypress College's Spring 2013 Schedule of Classes is now available online. It can be viewed inline above. Additional viewing options are available on the schedule of classes page.

The printed version of the schedule is expected to be available later this month.

Spring classes begin the week of February 4, 2013.

Posted by Marc S. Posner

VIDEO: Vision2Victory's Wall of Remembrance Now on Exhibit at Cypress College

November 5, 2012 — 5:34 p.m.

Vision2Victory's Global War on Terror Wall of Remembrance went on exhibit today at 8 a.m. The 100-foot-long wall includes one side devoted to the names of all who have perished, including the victims of the 9/11 terrorist attacks and those killed in subsequent military missions. The display closes at sundown on November 8, 2012, with a small ceremony.

Posted by Marc S. Posner

Financial Aid Office Launches Express Workshop Series to Help Students Stay Eligible

November 1, 2012 — 10:13 a.m.

Have you recently checked your email and myGateway messages to see if you have been invited to an express, 30-minute Financial Aid Workshop to help you stay eligible for financial aid at Cypress College?

According to our Dean of Student Support Services, Dr. Richard Rams, select students who would benefit from these workshops have recently been sent invitations from the Financial Aid Office.

"The Financial Aid Office wants to ensure that any student on the verge of potentially losing their eligibility for financial aid has the opportunity understand the academic standards we have in place, why we enforce them, and what it might mean when a student transfers," according to Dr. Rams. "We have used data in our Financial Aid database to determine who would benefit from this information. We want to help these students be proactive, not reactive. It is absolutely critical that our students understand the rules of the game if they wish to stay eligible for financial aid. Federal and State laws are changing and getting much more strict in regard to timeframes and academic standards.

You may notice that many of our classrooms and common areas now contain signage that visually communicates the academic standards that are required to maintain financial aid eligibility. During the Summer of 2012, the Financial Aid Director, Keith Cobb and his staff launched a major marketing effort to improve student recognition of these academic standards.

a graphic showing Cypress College's Financial Aid eligibility standards
Click to view a larger version of the Financial Aid Academic Eligibility Standards at Cypress College.

Have you been invited to one of these workshops? Check your email/MyGateway if the Financial Aid Office has determined if you will benefit. If you have, seize this opportunity and RSVP immediately so you can avoid potential stress and frustration as the Spring 2013 semester approaching.


Workshop schedule for Students on Financial Aid Warning
Workshop schedule for Students receiving aid with 60-90 units attempted

Posted by Marc S. Posner

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