@Cypress Newsletter for January 31, 2014


@Cypress — January 31, 2014, Newsletter from Cypress College President Bob Simpson

This week’s headlines:

  • Exploration of Possible Facilities Bond Among Topics at Opening Day
    Both Dr. Simpson and Dr. Doffoney talk about the status of a potential facilities bond at the all-employee meeting.
  • What is ‘Inactive Space?’
  • “Welcome Back” Among Events Scheduled by Associated Students
  • myGateway Gains New Web Address During Winter-Break Upgrade
  • “This Week,” “They Said It,” “Chargers,” and Briefly” Features
  • Plus @Cypress Bonus Material

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Online Tutoring Begins February 1

As of February 1, 2014, the Library and Learning Resource Center at Cypress College provides students with access to online tutoring services from Smarthinking. With Smarthinking, students can chat with a live tutor up to 24 hours a day from ANY internet connection. Tutors are available to work with you in a wide range of subjects including writing (for any course), math (basic math through calc II), accounting, statistics, finance, economics, biology, anatomy & physiology, physics, chemistry, office applications, and Spanish. You can also submit completed drafts of your writing assignments from any course to Smarthinking’s Essay Center for a tutor to review. The tutor will provide you with detailed, personalized feedback about your paper, typically within 24 hours.

To connect with a tutor, follow these steps:

  1. Go to http://www.cypresscollege.edu/smarthinking
  2. Enter your Banner ID and PIN.
  3. Use your Smarthinking account whenever you need help with your courses, but bear in mind that are you limited to 7 hours per semester for all courses.

Need help with your writing assignments?
If you have questions about grammar, style (APA or MLA), organization, or just have general questions about writing, then choose Writing (All Subjects) in the Drop In Tutoring area. This option can also support you with pre-writing activities such as brainstorming, outlining, or thesis development.

If you have a completed draft of your paper ready to submit for review, submit it to the Smarthinking Essay Center by selecting the Essay Center choice under Writing Center. A professional writing tutor will give you the help that you need to improve your paper and your overall writing skills. You can access the tutor’s response on your Smarthinking Personal Archive tab within about 24 hours.

Need help with Math, Science, or Business Courses?
Connect with a live tutor by choosing the subject area in which you need help under Drop In Tutoring. Then use the whiteboard to start a chat session with a professional tutor and type your question. After you have typed your question(s) or problem(s), click the Enter Question button. You may have to wait a few minutes to get connected but once you do, you’ll have the tutor’s full and undivided attention! You can also load graphics and PDFs into the whiteboard so if the problem that you need help with includes a drawing or graphic, choose the “Share Document” icon in the whiteboard. Using that tool, you can upload screenshots, pictures, or PDF copies of your textbook, making it easier for you and the tutor to communicate.

“Welcome Back” Among Events Scheduled by Associated Students

The Associated Students have set dates for three signature events this semester. The first is Welcome Back Week, which will be held next Wednesday and Thursday, February 5 and 6. The event will take place from 12:30-2:30 p.m. on the bridge adjacent to the pond.

Here are the dates for the upcoming events:

  • Welcome Back Week, Wednesday and Thursday, February 5 and 6, 12:30-2:30 p.m.
  • Club Rush, Wednesday and Thursday, February 19 and 20, 12:30-2:30 p.m.
  • A.S. Blood Drive, Wednesday and Thursday, February 26 and 27, 10 a.m.-4:30 p.m.

For more information, visit the Student Activities Center, located on the first floor and adjacent to the pond and Student Center.

How to Use an Add Code to Enroll in a Course

Need help using an add code to enroll in a course? Here’s the answer in 8 simple steps:

  1. Login to myGateway
  2. Click on “Add or Drop Classes”
  3. Select the Current Term
  4. Select “Registered–Web” (For students adding from the waitlist. Otherwise, add the CRN. In some cases waitlisted students may first need to drop the waitlist and then add the CRN.)
  5. Click “Confirm Your Choices”
  6. Enter Your Add Code and Then Click “Validate”
  7. Click “Submit Changes”
  8. Click “Complete Registration”

In most cases, the last day to add classes is February 9 (this applies to semester-length courses). Please pay attention to the add and drop deadlines in the online and printed class schedule.

Financial Aid Disbursement Information

Spring 2014 Financial Aid disbursement chart.
Spring 2014 Financial Aid disbursement chart.

Students who are anticipating a financial aid disbursement can find personalized information in their myGateway account. General information about disbursement dates is located at: http://www.cypresscollege.edu/Media/Website%20Resources/PDFs/financialAid/Fall13Disbursement.pdf.

In order to be considered for the first payment (the first Friday of classes, January 31, 2014), students must have completed their file with the financial aid office by January 19, 2014.

The Financial Aid Office is located on the first floor of the Cypress College Complex, and can be reached at (714) 484-7114.

1098-T Tax Forms Now Available in myGateway

The IRS tax form 1098-T is now available for students in myGateway.

Here is the information from our friends on the myGateway team:


2013 Tax time is approaching! Quickly and conveniently access your Tuition Payment Statement through myGateway! Your IRS Tax Form 1098-T can be immediately viewed and readily available for your tax information, and you’ll be helping the environment by saving paper!

For instant access to your IRS Form 1098-T E-Form, simply visit myGateway, click on the Student tab if you’re not already there, click the Student Records link, and click the IRS Form 1098-T: Tuition Payment Statement link. You will be directed to an electronic consent form. Just click “E-FORM” and you’re set!

Read our earlier post on the topic for information about your one-time decision electing to receive the form via email or mail.

UPDATE: Everything you ever wanted to know about IRS Form 1098-T, and more! Or: “Is the 1098-T email I received valid?”

Online Workshop: “Study Skills: Train the Brain”

The Career Planning Center is offering an online workshop to help students with study skills. Registration for “Study Skills: Train the Brain” can be completed at http://www.cypresscollege.edu/services/cpc/onlineWorkshop.aspx.

Effective study habits translate into positive workplace skills which are often referred to as “soft skills” or “transferrable skills.” Today’s complex job market requires workers to have more education and skill than ever before. The work world that students will experience will demand new skills in career self-management. Students must prepare to respond effectively to a labor market characterized by volatility, global competition, contingent employment, and the need to continuously improve academic and work-related skills.

For those students whose instructor or program managers offer extra credit for participation in this workshop, enrollment verification is available upon completion of  the pre-quiz, workshop presentation, post-quiz, and evaluation. Students will need to request this by clicking on the Extra Credit tab in the Online Workshop program.

The Career Planning Center plans to provide online workshops in the areas of Time Management, Goal Setting, Resume Writing, and Interview Techniques. The center’s employees welcome input on additional topics.

The next workshop is “Time Management Tips & Tricks.” It is planned for this March.

For more information, contact Deann Burch, Career Center Coordinator, at (714) 484-7121 or visit CypressCollege.edu/services/cpc.

Parking-Permit Grace Period Through Feb. 2

Good information from our Campus Safety Team:

There is a one-week grace period for parking from January 27, 2014 – February 2,  2014.  Students may park in student spaces without a permit. 

A valid parking permit is required beginning February 3 , 2014.

Please note: 

Officers will enforce all other parking violations during this grace period.

 We appreciate you assistance,

The Campus Safety Team

Welcome Back FAQ: Information to Help Get the Semester Off to a Great Start

Cypress College classes begin on Monday, January 27. To welcome you back and help get your semester off to a great start, here is some helpful information:

On the first day of classes — Monday, January 27 — please plan to arrive early. Parking can be congested and you’ll also want to be certain to arrive on time for your classes. It is very important not to miss the first class meeting. Also, please note that if your class is not scheduled to meet on Mondays, you do not need to attend on the first Monday of the semester.

Cypress College registration is completed entirely online, which means you can login from wherever you are to pick your spring 2014 courses. You can also continue to add classes following your registration time. To login to myGateway, you need your student ID number and your PIN. If you don’t know your student ID number, you can obtain it from the Admissions and Records Office by visiting them on the first floor of the Student Center, or by calling (714) 484-7346. At midnight on the day an individual class begins, you will no longer be able to add that class in myGateway without an add code. To add the class at that point, you will want to petition (see below).

If you’re attempting to add a class and myGateway asks for an add authorization code, it means the class is full or is not available for registration because it has already begun (or is about to begin). Distribution of these codes is at the discretion of the faculty member, and is generally done on the first day of classes. If a waitlist is available for a full class, you should be given the option to add to it.

When you are on a waitlist (or waitlists), we strongly encourage you to check your myGateway messages channel on a regular basis. If a spot opens up for you, a notification will appear in your messages. We’ll also attempt to send you an email. However, some providers (ahem, Yahoo!) aggressively block email from cypresscollege.edu and nocccd.edu.

Waitlists expire at midnight on the day the class begins. That means that on the first day a class meets, there’s no longer a waitlist. Instead, the list is included in priority order on the instructor’s roster as a tool to help faculty with the petition process. So, if you’re on a waitlist, you’ll need to attend the first class meeting in hopes of obtaining an add code. Likewise, if you’re petitioning a class, you’ll want to arrive early to the first class meeting. Since your name isn’t on the roster or the waitlist, you’ll want to let the instructor know before class that you’re petitioning.

Students who have already purchased a parking permit and/or a Student ID card will receive these items in the mail. If you do not receive them by Wednesday, January 29, 2014, you will want to pick the items up in Line B, on the first floor of the Student Center.

To have your photo ID made, you will need to bring the semester sticker, your “schedule bill” printout, and a valid picture ID to the Photo ID center, which is also on the first floor of the Student Center.

NOTE: A complete listing of first-week service hours is available here.