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2011 Accreditation Self Study:

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College Information

The following are links to information and resources that may be helpful while working on our self-study for accreditation.  Feel free to contact the Office of Institutional Research and Planning if you are looking for a particular document, or would like a piece of evidence posted in this area.

  • Cypress College mission and vision
  • Planning documents may be found on the Cypress College Institutional Research and Planning webpage, under the Planning tab. The following planning documents are available there:
    • Diagram of the Planning Process
    • Strategic Plan 2008-2011 for Cypress College
    • Master Plans
      • Educational Master Plan 2006-2016
      • Student Services Master Plan 2007-2014
    • Cypress College Cycle of Quality Review
    • Distance Education Plan
    • Student Equity Plan
    • Basic Skills Initiative Action Plan
    • Technology Plan
  • Information about the college and research on the students and programs may be found by contacting the Office of Institutional Research and Planning. The Institutional Research Bulletins and our surveys may be particularly helpful.
  • Other sources of information include the weekly newsletter of Cypress College (@Cypress) and the 2008 annual report.
  • Schedules and the most recent catalog are also available.
  • NOCCCD provides information on the Board of Trustees, as well.

Additional Accreditation Archives

2011 Accreditation Self-Study Library & Evidence
2011 Accreditation Standards