Measure J Construction to Begin April 2018


Planning and design of Cypress College’s Measure J construction projects are currently underway. Groundbreaking for both the new SEM building and new Veterans Resource Center with renovated Student Activities Center begins next April and June, respectively.

The new SEM building is expected to open April 2020; the new VRC and renovated SAC are anticipated to open at the end of 2019.

The pond area will be impacted by construction and laydown areas during the projects. Due to noise and obstructed passageways, events should be held elsewhere during construction.

The new SEM building will be built in a portion of Lot 7 near the current SEM building. The entire lot will be closed during construction.

SEM Building Timeline

Groundbreaking: April 2018
Construction Completion: December 2019
Furniture, Fixtures, Equipment: December 2019 – April 2020
Opening: Expected April 2020

Veterans Resource Center and Student Activities Center Timeline

Groundbreaking: June 2018
Construction Completion: August 2019
Furniture, Fixtures, Equipment: August 2019-End of 2019
Opening: Anticipated end of 2019

Veterans Memorial Plaza Timeline


All dates are highly subject to change.