Cypress College Recognizes 2016-2017 Retirees at Annual Employee Luau

Photo of 2016-2017 Cypress College retirees
Cypress College’s 2016-2017 retirees include: (front, l to r) Rob Johnson, Raul Alvarez, Steve Donley, John Sciacca, Dr. Simpson; and (back, l to r) Mike Kavanaugh, Cathy San Roman, Gail Smead, Nina DeMarkey, and Carol Harvey.

As the 2016-2017 academic year moves into its final weeks, Cypress College gathered to give thanks to employees for their service to the campus and, most importantly, to our students. Among the gratitude expressed at the annual End of the Year Luau was recognition of employees who have or are retiring during the 2016-2017 year. We thank them and offer them our best wishes in retirement.

Raul Alvarez
Raul Alvarez has served as Executive Director of the Cypress College Foundation for the past 16 years. During his tenure Foundation assets grew from $500,000 to over $3 million, and student scholarship awards increased from $125,000 per year to nearly $400,000 annually. Prior to coming to Cypress, Raul worked for the YMCA and was the founding Executive Director of the East Los Angeles Y, developing a $3 million facility in a community that previously was without YMCA services. Raul and his wife, Nan, have five children.

Karen Cant
Karen Cant has served as Cypress College’s Vice President of Administrative Services for 10 years, and was the Director of Budget and Finance for almost eight years prior to that. She is known for her guardianship of the campus budget, a critical component of keeping the College operating during lean budget years. Likewise, as the person responsible for the physical infrastructure of the campus, she provided leadership for capital projects which have resulted in significant cost savings from a reduction of energy and water usage. In addition to Maintenance and Operations, other areas in her line of reporting include Academic Computing, Bookstore, Business and Auxiliary Services, Campus Accounting, Campus Safety, Facilities Use and Rentals, Financial and Business Support Services, Grant Support Services, Personnel, Physical Plant and Facilities, and the Faculty and Staff Service Center. Prior to coming to Cypress College, Cant worked in the Coast district, including in finance positions at Golden West College and KOCE TV. Outside of campus, she has served on the board of directors for the SchoolsFirst Federal Credit Union. In retirement, she plans to travel.

Nina DeMarkey
Prior to her employment with NOCCCD, Nina DeMarkey spent almost 20 years working for corporate America as a Human Resources Director. She has a Masters Degree in Counseling with an emphasis in Higher Education & Career Counseling from Chapman University, and received her B.A. degree in Psychology from Northeastern Illinois University. Nina has worked in the District for almost 22 years — working at all three instructional entities. She began at Fullerton College where she taught classes in resume writing, interviewing and job search techniques, and advised students in these areas. She then worked for the School of Continuing Education in Digital Media Programs and Grants, and she also did adjunct counseling for SCE and Cypress College. Nina began her current position as the Dean of Social Sciences at Cypress College in July 2004. She also manages the Teacher Preparation and Honors Programs. In retirement, Nina hopes to spend more time with her husband, cats, friends, and with her family in North Carolina. You might even see Nina and Bernie traveling around the U.S. in their red Corvette convertible. She also plans to do volunteer work with her church and provide career counseling to women in domestic abuse shelters.

Steven Donley
Completing his 41st year with the NOCCCD, Steve Donley has been at Cypress College since 1995. Prior to that, while also working in the private sector, he was an adjunct instructor at Fullerton College since 1976. At Cypress, he has held the positions of full-time Professor, Dean of Career Technical Education & Economic Development, Interim Dean of Business & CIS, and Interim Vice President, Educational Programs and Student Services. His current responsibilities include oversight of the CTE Division, consisting of five academic departments; coordination the College’s Economic and Workforce Development initiatives, administration the College’s state and federal grants, and facilitation of the California Community College System Office’s degree and certificate program approvals. He previously also had responsibility for Distance Education. He has taught courses in business, law, a variety of other management classes.

Bonnie Fast
Bonnie Fast began working at the Cypress College Library on January 26, 1987. She worked as the Circulation night supervisor for many years before becoming a Library Assistant III. As the Library Assistant III, Bonnie was responsible for managing the entire technical services department of the library, which included the acquisition and cataloging of all library materials. Any book, magazine, journal, newspaper, DVD, or compact disc you find in the library, Bonnie played a part in adding it to the collection. During her 30-year career at Cypress College, Bonnie was involved in many campus committees including planning for the new library. Bonnie’s scrapbooking skills are top notch and many retirees have enjoyed receiving one of her prized scrapbooks as a farewell gift. Bonnie retired on April 10, 2017, and her future plans include relocating to Las Vegas, hitting the open road on her beloved Route 66, and visiting with friends and family.

Pat Ganer
It is a challenge to cover Pat Ganer’s 46 year career at Cypress College. Actually two years should be added as she was a member of the first graduating class (and the first student to bring home a trophy, in Forensics of course). Along with contributing to the success of the Communication Studies Department, she served for two decades as Director of Forensics. Her other accomplishments include service as Curriculum Committee Chair, as Accreditation Chair, and three times as Academic Senate President. She was also president of the Western States Communication Association, American Forensic Association, Western Forensic Association, and California Community College Forensic Association, and she has been active in the National Communication Association. Locally she often speaks at League of Women Voters events and serves as a trustee for the Buena Park Library. Her extracurricular work was recognized by the College when she received the Charger Award. Dr. Ganer has indeed had quite an illustrious career. Her colleagues will miss her for her political insights, keen wit, and candor.

David Gibson
David Gibson started his career here at Cypress College in 1985. He began as a custodian then worked as part of the floor crew and then moved on to larger equipment such as the Campus parking lot sweepers. David and his wife Donna, both retirees, from Cypress College are enjoying their retirement time together.

Carol Harvey
Carol has served as team leader for several nursing courses in the program and has especially enjoyed working with the first-year students. She led the skills lab team for many years and integrated clinical simulation into the nursing curriculum. As Assistant Director, she collaborated with Dr. Fishman to help the department develop an outcome-tracking system and a mentor program, as well as with several successful accreditation visits from the Board of Registered Nursing and the National League for Nursing. Carol’s passion is orthopaedic nursing and she developed a comprehensive course to help students and RN’s from the community gain knowledge and skills in this specialty. She will continue to support orthopaedic nursing education in retirement as well as the health ministry program at her church in Santa Ana. She sings in her church choir and helps to lead the youth choir. She is a past recipient of both the Outstanding Faculty award and the Charger Award, presented in 2016 for her work here in the USA after hurricane Katrina, and for mission work in Kenya and Nicaragua. She continues to lead these efforts in collaboration with AMOS Health and Hope in Nicaragua and looks forward to returning there next year. Carol enjoys travel with her husband Stew and her son Nick, and she says that after her 22 years at Cypress, she will really miss the students and the amazing faculty and staff.

Robert Johnson
Rob has been a mainstay of the Photography Department for over 30 years. Cypress College has definitely benefitted from his leadership, particularly in his tenure as Academic Senate President and his 15 years as Department Coordinator. Rob’s creativity has brought him national celebrity as a professional artist, which should not be too surprising since he began his career as a darkroom assistant to Ansel Adams. There is one unusual rumor about Rob — that he can catch trout with his bare hands. That should be a very handy skill in retirement. We will miss you Rob! The Photography Department will be out of focus without you.

Michael Kavanaugh
Mike has a 35-year tenure with NOCCCD. He began February 2, 1982 as an hourly employee and became a permanent hire on June 30, 1983 as a Jr. Computer Operator. In 1986 he was promoted to a Lead Computer Operator position. In 1987 he became the Communications Specialist at District IS. In 1990 he was a Project Leader. In 2003 he became an IT Services Coordinator II. His last assignment was with Cypress College as the Manager, Systems Technology Services. In this position he led the “small but mighty” crew of computing support staff in developing the College’s Technology Plan which includes an annual computer replacement component. He also led the two-year effort of converting the campus to a License Plate Recognition system for parking permitting. Mike will be retiring June 2, 2017.

Kevin Luckey
Kevin Luckey started with the NOCCCD at Fullerton College as a Groundskeeper in October 1996 and then transferred to Cypress College in December 2004. Since Kevin joined our Campus he has always dedicated himself to the grounds areas he manicured. Retirement for Kevin and his wife permit them continued, unlimited enjoyment of outdoor activities and nature.

Barbara Marshall
Barbara Marshall has been a member and an active contributor to the English Department since 1985. In addition to the consistently excellent teaching she has provided for students over the years, she embraced new methodologies: she was one of the first to engage in online instruction, and her willingness to find new ways to contribute to student success has been evident most recently in her volunteering to teach “Fast-Track” courses, giving students an opportunity to complete English 60 and 100 in just one semester. Dr. Marshall assumed other important roles as well: for many years she was United Faculty’s chief negotiator, and she was also active in the Community College and California Teachers associations. Her colleagues will miss her for friendliness and sense of humor and will wish her the best as she now has more time to engage in her equestrian hobbies.

Agnes Martinez
Agnes “Aggie” Martinez worked in the Counseling Division for over two decades. She was the Counseling Administrative Assistant in the Business/CIS Division for several years before the Student Center was built in 2008. She was responsible for point-of-service in the Counseling Center and entered counselors’ schedule in SARS (scheduling software program). She was known as the SARS Administrator and was instrumental in working with the vendor when upgrades or technical assistant was required. Aggie was the calming staff member which students naturally gravitated towards due to her engaging smile and upbeat attitude. She has been deeply missed, but her colleagues are happy she is enjoying retirement.

Debra McPherson
Debra McPherson became a full-time ESL instructor in 1999. Aside from being an excellent instructor, she played an important role in the success of her department, as it has been consistently recognized as being one of the most successful in California. She revised and created new curriculum, developed directed learning activities in the ESC, helped select recipients of the annual scholarship award, and served as department coordinator. Her broader campus contributions include membership on the Academic Senate as well as a number of committees. Her colleagues will miss her contributions, her great sense of humor, and her uncanny memory. In her retirement she will have more time for horse-riding, one of her favorite activities.

Barbara Meyer
Barbara has been the Theatre Department’s greatest cheerleader. Her love for her craft and her passion for her students is clearly present. Typically covered in paint from her work on the latest production’s scenic elements, Barbara’s impish smile would work its way into the heart of the students. Barbara has probably single handedly created more theatre arts majors than any other faculty member in the department. Barbara helped support the creation of the Lively Arts Club which won the coveted Cypress College Associated Students Club of the Year award for two consecutive years. There will be a huge absence center stage without Barbara.

Jeanne Miller
Before Joining the staff at Cypress College, Jeanne taught at California State Polytechnic University, Pomona, the University of LaVerne, and Mt. San Antonio College. She gained accounting experience with KPMG for her Certified Public Accountant license and had her own accounting practice. She started at Cypress College in 1996 and has served on numerous committees. She was the Cypress College Distance Education Coordinator for seven years and has served as the Accounting Department Coordinator. Jeanne loves any activity that involves being outdoors. Her favorite outdoor place to be is anywhere near a large body of water, especially where her dogs can swim. She and her husband, as well as her daughter and family, will be re-locating to the Front Range of Colorado at the end of May.

Tien Nguyen
Tien Nguyen started with Cypress College in 1997 as a custodian and spent his years diligently cleaning all areas of the Campus during the third shift when most of us are away. He spends his time enjoying retirement with his friends and family.

Mary Rothera
Mary (Marianne) Rothera began working as the College’s Physical Science Laboratory Technician on September 1, 1977. For 40 years, she served SEM students wholeheartedly, with an amazing talent for creating innovated solution to problems she identified in our laboratory program. She also taught classes in the department, specifically a circuits class for which she developed laboratory experiments that helped expand our curriculum.  In fact, Mary was the last person without a math or science degree to teach a course within the SEM division. Because of her background in the classroom, she always approached her duties with an instructor’s mindset. She continuously modified experimental setups to simplify them and help students obtain more-accurate results. She was constantly searching for classroom demonstrations to make physics more approachable from a conceptual level. Mary also assumed the role of shepherding adjunct instructors unfamiliar with campus experiments and repaired much of the department’s broken equipment. The Physical Science Department will miss her technical expertise, and the SEM Division will not be the same without her.

Cathy San Roman
Cathy San Roman started as the Switchboard Operator/Receptionist at Cypress College and was known as “The Voice of Cypress College.” In or around 1988, Cathy came to the M & O Department where she stayed until retiring last year. The crew considered her the “Oracle” of M & O. She lives by her quote “Shoot from the hip, play it by ear and live the dream.” Cathy and her husband John, both recent retires from the NOCCCD, are definitely living the retirement dream.

John Sciacca
John came to Cypress College after 32 years in university positions. At Northern Arizona University he traveled a lot, serving on federal grant review panels and national committees, and working on American Indian health projects; for years he had a Marriott Platinum member card, which is for those who spend at least 75 nights a year at a Marriott. At Cypress College a major goal was to be available to faculty members and others when needed and to respond promptly to all requests for assistance. As he finishes his ninth year here, he wants to recognize faculty, staff and managers for their sincere commitment to our students and their success. He is proud to have worked with such competent, devoted and hardworking colleagues and for such a fine College. In retirement he plans to volunteer at a non-profit agency and return to writing, collecting books and records, singing in a barbershop quartet, and reciting Cowboy poetry. A key goal is to get back into good physical shape and to spend more time riding both his mountain bike and motorcycle, and with yoga, kayaking, running and cooking.

Robert Simpson
Dr. Bob Simpson became Cypress College’s 11th president in July 2012. He is a proud product of California’s public education systems, something that has fostered his deep devotion to our students. He has been involved with community college education for 30 years, starting as a classroom teacher at Fullerton College for 12 years. He also served that college as an instructional dean for and additional 9 years before coming to Cypress College in 2007, as the Executive Vice President. He has focused upon issues of access, equity, student support, inclusiveness, and community outreach. He has also overseen the initial implementation of the Measure J bond projects — notably guiding the development of a new science, engineering, and mathematics building and a new veterans resource center. In his free time, Dr. Simpson enjoys outdoor sports, reading, playing the guitar, and fly fishing his favorite trout streams in south-central Idaho.

Gail Smead
Gail retired on December 31, after almost 20 years with Cypress College as an Administrative Assistant II. In addition to the many tasks that Gail saw to as administrative assistant, she also played a part in establishing the Workforce Prep Center, as well as the CalWORKs and TRAC programs. She then continued to support those programs, as well as the CARE program, by providing budget support among other duties. Gail also served as the CSEA Treasurer for five years, was a member of several CSEA negotiating teams, served on PAC for four years, chaired the CSEA Hospitality and Entertainment Committee, served on the Foundation Golf Committee, and the Guardian Scholars Advisory Board. With so many accomplishments and achievements under her belt, it is easy to see why her colleagues have stated that Gail could never be replaced, and will be missed dearly. Now retired, Gail is spending more time with her husband and sisters, and traveling to her river vacation home as well as visiting Disneyland more often. Most importantly, Gail will be getting a new puppy in June and has already given him the name Huckleberry.

Shirley Smith
Shirley Smith began working at Cypress College in May 2001. She was the first Director of Campus Safety when the Cypress College began 24 hour and 7 day a week Campus Safety staffing. During her tenure she hired most of the staff who are supporting the operation today. Shirley retired after 16 years with Cypress on January 17, 2017.

Judith Swytak
Judy is a caring and energetic nursing instructor. She has served as team leader for nursing courses and taught elective courses in addition to her regular load. She has tirelessly worked with nursing students to improve their confidence and communication skills and is beloved by our students for her caring, positive, but no nonsense approach to learning and providing person-centered nursing care. Each year the Health Science Division supports Interval House, a shelter for battered women and their children and each year Judy makes colorful pillowcases from her collection of fabric so that each child has a personal holiday possession. Judy also volunteers at Mary’s Kitchen and is active in her church and community.  In retirement she plans to travel with her partner in life, Steve Swytak, spend time with family, including her son and two daughters, and continue her hobby as an expert quilter.

View: 2016-2017 Retiree Biographies

Employees to Recognize Retiring Colleagues, Celebrate Years of Service

Cypress College faculty and staff will celebrate the end of the school year, and recognize retiring colleagues and coworkers receiving service pins at a luau in the Theater Lobby Wednesday, May 3. There are 26 employees retiring this year and 65 employees being recognized for their years of service at the College.


  • Raul Alvarez, Foundation/Community Relations
  • Karen Cant, Administrative Services
  • Nina DeMarkey, Social Sciences
  • Steven Donley, CTE/Economic Development/Grants
  • Bonnie Fast, Library
  • Pat Ganer, LA/Communications
  • David Gibson, Physical Plant / M&O
  • Carol Harvey, Health Science/Nursing
  • Robert Johnson, Fine Arts/Photography
  • Michael Kavanaugh, Systems Technology Services
  • Velia Lawson, Counseling
  • Kevin Luckey, Physical Plant / M&O
  • Barbara Marshall, LA/English
  • Agnes Martinez, Counseling
  • Debra McPherson, LA/ESL
  • Barbara Meyer, Fine Arts/Theater
  • Jeanne Miller, Business&CIS/Accounting
  • Tien Nguyen, Physical Plant / M&O
  • Mary Rothera, SEM
  • Cathy San Roman, Physical Plant / M&O
  • John Sciacca, Health Sciences
  • Robert Simpson, Administration
  • Gail Smead, SSS/CARE-CalWORKS
  • Shirley Smith, Campus Safety
  • Judith Swytak, Health Science/Nursing
  • David Wassenaar, Business/CIS


Service Recognition

Five Years  

  • Sharon Bataran, Health Center
  • Yadira Cazales, Production Center
  • Adam Eckenrode, Mathematics
  • Marla McBride, Health Center
  • Charles Rogers, Dramatic Arts
  • Ann Sheridan-Solis, Accounting
  • Nadia Wallace, Fine Arts Office
  • Marredda Williams, Nursing

Ten Years  

  • Julie Angevine, Science, Engineering & Math Office
  • Remedios Anzurez, Custodial Services
  • Blanca Atkins, Admissions & Records
  • Gloria Badal, Political Science
  • Raymond Collins, Custodial Services
  • David Dang, Biological Sciences
  • Paul De Dios, Counseling & Student Development
  • Robin De Roo, Chemistry
  • Michael Faraci, Nursing
  • Sally Frumkin, Nursing
  • Raul Garcia, Custodial Services
  • Miguel Garcia, Custodial Services
  • Ruth Gutierrez, Reading
  • Michael Klyde, Auto Technology
  • Michael Land, Academic Computing
  • Rebeca Laveaga, Transfer Center
  • Marcus Marquardt, Psychiatric Technology
  • Joseph Melodia, English
  • Fumio Ogoshi, Biological Sciences
  • William Pashaie, Library
  • Jeremy Peters, Culinary Arts
  • Larry Ramos, Auto Collision
  • Linda Redd, Admissions & Records
  • Ramon Sanchez, Custodial Services
  • Jose Sanchez Duran, Biological Sciences
  • Martin Santos, Custodial Services
  • Bryan Seiling, History
  • Robyn Udell, Biological Sciences

Fifteen Years  

  • Jennifer Coopman, Mathematics
  • Ayman Gadalla, Computer Information Systems
  • Willis Heusser, Philosophy
  • Behzad Izadi, Computer Information Systems
  • John Lambros, Forensics
  • Eunju Lee, Mathematics
  • Clifford Lester, Photography
  • Zoe Megginson, Learning Resource Center
  • Laurie Morvan, Mathematics
  • Danny Ortega, Public Safety
  • Sylvia Paek, Mathematics
  • Nancy Pound, Social Science Office
  • Jaime Ramos, Psychiatric Technology
  • Carlos Sandoval, Psychology
  • Judith Swytak, Nursing
  • Penn Wu, Computer Information Systems

Twenty Years 

  • Keith Cobb, Financial Aid Ofiice
  • Mary Forman, English
  • Jane Jepson, Counseling Office
  • Sergio Leonardo, Grounds Maintenance & Repairs
  • John Linhares, Grounds Maintenance & Repairs
  • Daniel Pelletier, Counseling Office
  • Stuart Rosenberg, English

Twenty-five Years  

  • Dana Bedard, Matriculation
  • Joseph Vasquez, Custodial Services

Thirty Years  

  • Bonnie Fast, Library
  • Troy McKeown, Academic Computing
  • Fidel Ugarte, Grounds Maintenance & Repairs

Thirty-five Years  

  • Carole Villasenor, Counseling Office

Dr. JoAnna Schilling Selected as 12th President of Cypress College


Dr. JoAnna Schilling will become Cypress College’s 12th president. She was selected from among five finalists, who appeared on campus on March 30 for open-forum presentations to the campus community. The finalists also interviewed with District leadership and with the NOCCCD Board of Trustees last week.

Below is the announcement from Chancellor Dr. Cheryl Marshall:

Dear Cypress College Colleagues,
I am thrilled to announce the selection of Dr. JoAnna Schilling as the next President of Cypress College.  Dr. Schilling brings a wealth of experience as an educational leader with strengths in partnership development, enrollment management, and accreditation.  The people who have worked with her describe her as a transformational leader who is collaborative, empowering, inclusive, visionary, and personable.  I believe she will build on your successes and lead the college forward to achieve your desired future.
I want to thank everyone who was involved in the selection process including the committee and those who organized and participated in the forums.  Your input was an important part of the process.
Dr. Schilling will begin her service in July.  Over the next few months she will be visiting the campus to get to know you and learn about your work.  I hope you will join me in welcoming her to the Charger family.
Professional Regards,
North Orange County Community College District
Cheryl A. Marshall, Ed.D. / Chancellor

Dr. Schilling will succeed Dr. Bob Simpson, who retires at the end of June. Dr. Simpson assumed Cypress College’s CEO role in July, 2012 and is concluding a 30-year career in higher education.

During last week’s Open Forum on campus, Schilling said, “The students that we have in our community college are exceptional. You have grit, you have courage, you have knowledge, you have power, you have diversity, you have passion for what you do, and it really, truly transformed me and I wanted to be part of that.”

Dr. Schilling currently serves as Interim Vice President of Academic Affairs at Rio Hondo College, where she also previously served in multiple roles as the Dean of Arts and Cultural Programs, Continuing and Contract Education, and Interim Vice President of Academic Affairs from 2006-2012. From 2012 to 2016, Dr. Schilling served at Cerritos College as Vice President of Academic Affairs/Assistant Superintendent.

Dr. Schilling has a doctorate in education from Oregon State University, an MFA in Playwriting from Carnegie Mellon University, and a BA in English from Smith College. She currently serves as the co-chair on the Chancellor’s Office Curriculum Inventory project (COCI) and also sits on the statewide Chief Instructional Officers (CIO) Executive Board representing the Orange County/Los Angeles County region. Other previous statewide community college committees include the strategic planning committee for the LA/OC regional consortium, and as the CIO rep on the 3csn advisory committee.

Dr. Schilling is a staunch advocate for student success; under her leadership Cerritos was awarded two Gates Foundation grants to reduce textbook costs and support faculty in the development of OER materials. She has overseen three HSI Title V grants, totaling over 10M, all focused on providing academic support for underrepresented communities, a 2.4M DOL grant that created partnerships between the Retail Management program at Cerritos College and several national grocery associations, and is proud that Rio Hondo was recently the only community college in the state to receive a Basic Skills Transformation grant and the Basic Skills Pilot Partnership grant, totaling 3.5M over three years to help move the needle on developmental education at the college. At both institutions, Dr. Schilling initiated K12 and K16 Summits with district high schools and local CSU partners focused on the remediation barriers that inhibit successful college completion. Rio Hondo is also a pilot college for multiple statewide initiatives including the California Assessment Initiative (CAI) Open Education Initiative (OEI) and the Multiple Measures Assessment Project (MMAP).

Schilling is an accomplished playwright and screenwriter, as well as a classically trained vocalist. Prior to her experience in higher education, she was a literary associate and educator in the professional conservatory at South Coast Repertory Theatre. She is the author of recent journal publications in the Community College Journal of Research and Practice, Community College Enterprise, and Management Learning, was a contributing editor at Dog Fancy Magazine, and is the author of three “Dog Lover Companion” books for Avalon Travel Publishing/Perseus Books.

Schilling served on the boards of the Rio Hondo Symphony Association, the East Whittier Arts Foundation, as well as serving as a juror for the Newport Beach Film Festival and on the California Arts Council. She and her husband are members of the Society of Fellows at the Huntington Library and Gardens in San Marino, CA. and are strong supporters of the arts in their community.


Cypress College Presidential Search

3/30/2017 — President Finalists Speak on Campus

3/16/2017 — Five President Candidates Identified as Finalists; Forum on March 30

9/14/2016 — President Simpson Announces Retirement at Academic-Year’s End

6/28/2012 — Dr. Bob Simpson Appointed Cypress College’s 11th President, Assuming Duties on July 2





Five President Candidates Identified as Finalists; Forum on March 30

UPDATE: Read highlights from the Open Forum here!

NOTE: View the live video here.

Five candidates to become Cypress College’s 12th president have been identified and are scheduled to participate in a campus-wide open forum on March 30, 2017. The forum will be broadcast and archived on the campus website.

The candidates to replace retiring Dr. Bob Simpson are:

  • Dr. Gregory Peterson — Vice President of Student Services, Long Beach City College
  • Dr. Omid Pourzanjani — Vice President of Academic Affairs, Golden West College
  • Dr. JoAnna Schilling — Interim Vice President of Academic Affairs, Rio Hondo College
  • Dr. Arvid Spor — Vice President of Academic Affairs, Citrus College
  • Dr. Gregory Anderson — Vice President of Instruction, Canada College

Each candidate’s presentation will be broadcast live via USTREAM and archived on YouTube for future viewing (links will be added to this page when available). The schedule for forums and biographies for each candidate are available here. The forums will be held Thursday, March 30, 2017, beginning at 9 a.m. with Dr. Peterson’s visit. Dr. Pourzanjani is scheduled for 10 a.m., and Dr. Shilling follows at 11 a.m. Dr. Spor and Dr. Anderson follow at 12:15 and 1:15 p.m., respectively.

After a short introduction each candidate will present a brief statement and then address questions. Feedback for the Board of Trustee’s consideration is requested via the Open Forum survey at: from a PC or mobile device. All responses are anonymous. The survey will close at 8 p.m. on March 30 to allow for compilation of responses.

“I would like to ask all staff to attend the forum and to be prepared with additional questions for the candidates,” NOCCCD Chancellor Dr. Cheryl Marshall said. “Faculty are encouraged to bring their students.”

The Board will interview the finalists on March 31, 2017, and will make every effort to finalize the process and announce a decision shortly thereafter.

Learn more about Cypress College’s presidential search here.

President Simpson Looks to College’s Future in Final Opening Day Address

In a forward-looking address to faculty and staff, Cypress College President Bob Simpson set an energetic tone as he welcomed all back to campus for the spring semester Friday,  Jan. 27 on his final Opening Day.

“Rather today than looking in the rearview mirror at what we have achieved,” Dr. Simpson said, “I want to look ahead because there’s so much that’s been happening, so much going on, some very important tasks that are before us.”

The College has a variety of ongoing and upcoming projects to improve its capacity to serve the needs of current and future Cypress students, including the 2017-2020 strategic plan; the College’s first bachelor’s program in funeral sciences; new buildings and renovations through the Measure J construction program; and a thermal energy project.

Buildings in the Measure J project are in various stages of the design phase. Drawings of the new Science, Engineering, and Math building are nearly complete, and the new Veterans Resource Center and Student Activities Center remodel are currently in design-development.

“But we’re excited that we’re going to be breaking ground before too long,” Dr. Simpson added.

The $8.5 million energy project—installation of a thermal storage tank and HVAC chiller on the north side of campus—will provide climate control for those future and current buildings, and aid in the College’s energy efficiency goals.

“All that we will do in the future is dependent upon that energy that will be provided,” Dr. Simpson said.

The College is also preparing for accreditation renewal this year by the Accrediting Commission for Community and Junior Colleges.

Phil Dykstra, the College’s Director of Institutional Research and Planning, and Liana Koeppel, the self evaluation chair, are currently processing feedback to finalize the first draft of the self evaluation report for submission to the District Board of Trustees Feb. 14. There will be a second round of feedback during the spring, with final Board approval in April. The report is due to ACCJC July 15.

In a change from the last round of accreditation, the accrediting team will also conduct a pre-visit to campus sometime this semester, in addition to the usual site visit in the fall on Oct. 9-12.

Another major project underway this semester is the College’s website redesign, headed by Cypress’ Director of Campus Communications Marc Posner, and web content specialist Cari Jorgensen. The current website was designed a decade ago.

The redesign aims to update and modernize the look and feel of the Cypress College website while also improving navigation and user-friendliness. It will be created on WordPress, an easy-to-use content management system expected to facilitate continuity across the website’s many sections and simpler editing by individual users.

Dr. Simpson also recognized a recent honor for the College and expressed his appreciation for the City of Cypress’ support. During the city’s State of the City Luncheon this past January, Mayor Paulo Morales presented Cypress College with an honorary “Key to the City” in recognition of the College’s 50th Anniversary.

“We are so fortunate at the College to have an incredible relationship with the City of Cypress,” Dr. Simpson said.

“One of the reasons we are able to do as much as we are able to do to support our students is because of that extraordinary support that we receive from the community,” he continued, “and at the top of the list of supporters is the City of Cypress. We are so gratified to have that kind of relationship.”

The culmination of the College’s 50th anniversary celebration is a reunion and community festival on April 1 at the pond. Planned by the Cypress College Foundation, the festival will include food trucks and a kid zone, College presentations and displays, discussion panels, a classic car show, and even a duck pond race—a hallowed College tradition returned for one day only.

Opening Day included music by the Mighty Cypress College Art Players, featuring faculty members Gary Gopar, Marcus McMillan, and Terra Schwartzwald. They performed several jazz pieces throughout the program, accompanied by dance routines from Fine Arts students under the direction of Maha Afra.

Though the start of the semester is always a happy occasion, for many this semester was bittersweet with President Simpson’s impending retirement on June 30.

Near the end of the program, Dr. Simpson also picked up a guitar and pleased the crowd with a touching rendition of Neil Young’s ’71 classic, “Old Man,” backed by the Art Players.

“The last ten years have been the most significant and productive of my professional life,” Dr. Simpson said in his closing remarks, “and if I was left at the end with only my time at Cypress College, I would still consider that life to have been full and rich and rewarding.

“I want to thank you for allowing me the privilege of serving the last five years as the president of this amazing place,” he continued. “It has been an extraordinary ride, and I don’t have the words to thank you, but, Chargers, thank you all.”






Dr. Simpson Delivers Annual Report to Trustees

President Bob Simpson presented his final Annual Report to the NOCCCD Board of Trustees on Tuesday night, lauding Cypress College students and the employees who support their success. The annual report presentation encompasses the Cypress College Annual Report and the Cypress College Institutional Effectiveness Report.

In providing an overview of the two printed documents, Dr. Simpson covered eight primary topics:

  • Measure J Bond Projects
  • Participation in the Baccalaureate Degree Pilot Program
  • Diversity and Inclusiveness
  • Equity
  • Academic Achievement
  • Completion and Transfer
  • Environmental Stewardship

“It is my honor this evening to present to you an overview of the 2015-2016 academic year at Cypress College. The College’s accomplishments will resonate and propagate decades into the future,” Dr. Simpson said in opening his presentation to the Trustees for the North Orange County Community College District and other leaders.

The Board’s decision to approve a new Science, Engineering, and Math Building served as the first significant highlight in Dr. Simpson’s report.

“This new building will support the education of our next generation of scientists, engineers, technology experts, and mathematicians,” he said. “In this new facility, students will learn concepts we can’t yet conceive.”

Construction of the new SEM building is scheduled to be completed in 2020. The project will run in tandem with construction of a new Veteran’s Resource Center and Memorial Plaza that includes a bridge spanning the pond.

The presentation continued with an update on development of the College’s baccalaureate degree in Funeral Services. One of 15 programs included in California Community Colleges pilot program, instruction in the Funeral Services B.S. degree program will begin in fall 2017. In the past year, curriculum has been developed and the accrediting agency approved the key components of the bachelor’s degree.

A highlight of the year was the Yom HaShoah event in May. Focusing on the College’s core value of Inclusiveness, the Yom HaShoah commemoration featured portraits of Holocaust survivors created by Photography Department Chair Clifford Lester. About 1,000 people attended the event, which featured survivor Dr. Jacob Eisenbach.

In the area of equity, Dr. Simpson highlighted the first-ever Equity Summit held in April and the shift in employee demographics to more-closely resemble the student body. He also noted that nearly half of the incoming freshman class were first-generation college students.

Speaking about academic achievement, Dr. Simpson said the number of associate degrees awarded has grown significantly in the past five years from 753 to 1,201.  The number of certificates awarded has also increased over that same period. In addition, 458 transfer degrees were awarded in 2015-16, up from 114 in 2012-13.

The College also exceeded its target for both degree and certificate completion. The most common degrees awarded by Cypress College are in Liberal Arts, Social and Behavioral Sciences, Life and Physical Sciences, Math, and Business. Students earn the highest number of certificates in Automotive Technology, and in the Hotel, Restaurant, and Culinary Arts program.

Finally, speaking about environmental stewardship, Dr. Simpson noted a recent state award presented to the College as a leader in energy efficiency.  Water consumption at the College was reduced by 30% and electricity usage by 5.4 million kilowatt hours last academic year. More than 8,600 energy-efficient lighting fixtures and bulbs were installed by College employees — generating an annual savings of approximately $80,000.

“These are good times at Cypress College and the unsolicited accolades we have received are the result of commitment, hard work, and a true investment in our students,” he said. “Fifty years ago, people of foresight and vision committed to the development of a new college serving the needs of North Orange County.  We and the students who have been served over the years are the recipients of that grand vision. Today, we are laying the groundwork for the next 50 years. It is a privilege to be a part of that legacy and to know that because we have dared to Dream Big Dreams, we are now positioned to Do Great Things.”

He closed with the observation that the two printed documents “validate the commitment of the College to our Core Value of Excellence.”



Welcome to New Full-Time Faculty and Staff

Cypress College new faculty


As Cypress College celebrates its 50th anniversary this year, we are not only celebrating the past, but looking ahead to our next chapter. We are pleased to have 28 new full-time faculty begin their employment at Cypress College this fall — our largest group of new tenure-track instructors, counselors, and librarians. 

Business & Computer Information Systems

Bret Clarke (CIS)

Counseling & Student Development

Dawn Decker, LD Specialist (Disability Support Services)

Mymy Lam, Counselor (Teacher Preparation Program/Humanities)

Fine Arts

Katalin Anguelov (Media Arts)

Janet Owen (Art History)

Terra Schwartzwald (Music)

Health Science

Shinah Kim (Nursing)

Jennie Larez (Health Information Technology)

Marcus Marquardt (Psychiatric Technology)

Ryan Ortega (Nursing)

Diana Tira (Dental Hygiene)

Language Arts

Jill Bauer (ESL)

Justin Campbell (English)

Jennelle Herman (ESL)

Bret Kaufman (English)

Annette Letcher (Reading)

Stephanie Tran (English)

Library & Learning Resource Center

Angela Boyd, Librarian (Library)

Leslie Palmer, Librarian (Library)

Physical Education & Athletics

Jeff Benito (PE/Tennis)

Anthony Hutting (Baseball)

Science, Engineering, and Mathematics

Jolina Cadilli (Math)

Alma Castro (Math)

Saleh Massoud (Engineering/Physics)

Gary Shin (Biology)

Social Sciences

Angela DeDios (Psychology)

Steven Estrada (Ethnic Studies)

James Tapia (Human Services)

In addition to our new faculty, the College is happy to have nine new full-time classified staff come on board as well, in areas across the campus that are vital to supporting the instructional work of the institution. 

Classified Staff

Belinda Allan, Instructional Assistant (Career Center)

Casey Carmichael, Facilities Custodian (Maintenance and Operations/Physical Plant)

Khanh Cao, Instructional Assistant (Business a& Computer Information Systems)

Raul Garcia, Facilities Custodian (Maintenance and Operations/Physical Plant)

Briceyda Maldonado, Student Services Specialist (CalWorks/EOPS)

Jeanette Pattison, Instructional Aide (Health Science)

Desiree Sendejas, Campus Safety Officer (Campus Safety)

Daniel Wallenberg, Campus Safety Officer (Campus Safety)

Felicia Xa, Library Assistant (Library & Learning Resource Center)

The College looks forward to seeing the impact that these individuals will bring to motivating the minds of our students, and helping them get to where they want to be. We are thrilled to have each one of them join the Cypress College family! 

Cypress College new faculty

President Simpson Announces Retirement at Academic-Year’s End

Dr. Simpson leads the 49th commencement at Cypress College.
Dr. Simpson leads the 49th commencement at Cypress College.

Bob Simpson will preside over one final commencement — Cypress College’s 50th. A fierce advocate of public education, Dr. Simpson announced his retirement decision to the campus community late Tuesday — and he received a standing ovation when he shared the news during the NOCCCD Board of Trustees meeting about an hour later. His final day as president will be at the end of the academic year next June.

Dr. Simpson was selected as Cypress College’s 11th President in June, 2012, following a 5-year stint as the College’s Executive Vice President. He has spent 30 years working in education and serving as an advocate for access to higher education, especially for those who begin their studies unprepared for the rigors of academic life.

A California native, he grew up in the Southland and graduated from Norwalk High School. His academic background includes both a bachelor’s in arts and master’s in arts in mathematics from California State University, Fullerton, and a doctorate in Educational Leadership from the University of California, Los Angeles.

Dr. Simpson was a classroom teacher at Fullerton College for 12 years. He also served the college as an instructional dean for 9 years before coming to Cypress College in 2007 as the Executive Vice President. During his tenure at Cypress College, Dr. Simpson has focused upon issues of access, equity, student support, and community outreach.

In his free time, Dr. Simpson enjoys outdoor sports, reading, cooking, playing the guitar, rooting for the UCLA Bruins, and fly fishing his favorite trout streams in south-central Idaho.

Dr. Simpson receives a flag during the College's 50th Anniversary celebration.
Dr. Simpson receives a flag during the College’s 50th Anniversary celebration.

Here is his announcement:

Dear Chargers,

I came to Cypress College in June of 2007 as the Executive Vice President. It became obvious to me very quickly that I had made the right career choice and that I had been given an extraordinary opportunity. Everything that has transpired since that time has validated my first impression. In my time here, I have felt a sense of excitement and vitality and belonging in a way I had never previously felt in my professional life. I came to love this College.

As I think back upon that time, my first impressions and all that has since transpired, we have accomplished so much together, and I believe the future is now brighter for the College then it has ever been. The tasks before us this academic year, once completed, will lay the foundation and position the College for the next 50 years, and I will work diligently with you to assure this comes to pass. At the same time, this is my 10th year at the College and my 30th year in education. I have a growing sense that my time as the leader of this outstanding institution needs to give way so that others can carry forward the work we have begun. I have decided that it is the appropriate time to announce that I will be stepping aside at the end of this academic year.

There are some significant tasks remaining before us this year, including the Accreditation Self Study, 50th Anniversary celebrations, 3-Year Strategic Planning, and Measure J construction planning (S E M Building, Library/LRC expansion, Veterans Resource Center). These “additional duties” are on top of the regular business of the College which continues unabated. With these tasks substantially under way, it is my sense that the time is appropriate to step aside so that you will have the opportunity to identify your next leader in a timeframe that will best suit the needs of the College. Going forward, I have no doubt that the person chosen to be your next leader will have the same kind of support I have experienced, support that is directly responsible for any success I may have had as your President.

We have much work to do before that last day, and I am hopeful that if anything, I may be leaving a year too early rather than a year too late. It is my intention to work with you, to laugh and to celebrate with you, and to contribute in every way that I can through the end of this academic year. I want each member of the Charger family to know how very much I have appreciated your contributions to our work. It has been, and remains, a privilege to engage in that work beside you.

With heartfelt thanks,


Bob Simpson, President
Cypress College

Dr Simpson with his wife, Denise, in a photograph at the College's rededication ceremony on Monday. Dr. Simpson announced his retirement on Tuesday evening.
Dr Simpson with his wife, Denise, in a photograph at the College’s rededication ceremony on Monday. Dr. Simpson announced his retirement on Tuesday evening.

Cypress College Recognizes Employees for Milestones

One of Cypress College's first students, Dr. Pat Ganer is completing 45 years as a member of the College's faculty. Here she receives a standing ovation as she arrives at the annual end-of-the-year employee-recognition ceremony.
One of Cypress College’s first students, Dr. Pat Ganer is completing 45 years as a member of the College’s faculty. Here she receives a standing ovation as she arrives at the annual end-of-the-year employee-recognition ceremony.

As the academic year comes to a close, Cypress College recognized a number of employees at its annual end-of-the-year lunch. Campus employees were honored for their commitment to Cypress College students. Employees were recognized for milestones in their employment, including years of service or their retirement.

Cypress College employees retiring in 2015-2016 are noted below, followed by those reaching milestones in their years of service.

Peggy Austin — Peggy Austin was hired as the Instruction Librarian in fall 1991. Her interest in librarianship stemmed from a passion for doing research but without actually having to write the paper. She served on the Curriculum Committee, including as chair, and most recently, as the Interim co-coordinator of Professional Development and an Academic Senate representative. Her first love has always been assisting students at the reference desk.

Walter Caloretti — Walter (Jesus) Caloretti started at Cypress College on May 3, 2004 as a Custodian. Most notably, he spent 17 years at Knott’s Berry Farm as a Janitor honing his skill prior to joining the Cypress College M & O Department. Walter’s dedication and commitment to Cypress College was appreciated.

Lulu Cayabyab — Lu Cayabyab worked in the Cypress College Physical Education Division for nearly 20 years. As a valued office manager, Lu was a critical resource for the faculty, staff, and administrators she served during her time. Lu is recognized for her contributions to the success of our Physical Education and Athletics department. She will forever be part of our championship tradition.

Marlene Akilah Courtney — Akilah Courtney is well-known within the Cypress College community for her knowledge of policy and procedure and her pleasant demeanor. She has a reputation for determination in completing her work and being helpful when others are in need. She began her career at Cypress in October of 1985 as a student-hourly employee in the Office of Instruction. Shortly thereafter she accepted a position with the Admissions and Records Office where she has remained ever since. Akilah’s attention to detail and her ability to manage processes then propelled her to a leadership position as Records Supervisor (1999) which was later retitled, Evaluator Specialist (2003).

Joan Daniels — Joan Daniels devoted 27 years as a full-time member of the English Department. Along with being an exemplary instructor with great concern about students’ acquisition of writing skills, Joan assumed different roles in maintaining the integrity and success of her department and the Language Arts Division, which included hiring and evaluating many instructors. For a number of years she also served as a Puente mentor.

Nancy Deutsch — Nancy Deutsch began teaching in the English/Reading Department in 1983. Along with serving as department coordinator for seven years, Nancy assumed many responsibilities that have greatly benefitted the college, these include serving as Academic Senate President and Staff Development Coordinator. She also helped write and coordinate one Title III and two Title V grants. In 2000, she received the Faculty Development Award, now known as the Charger Award.

Les Doak — Les Doak started at Cypress College in 1990 as an adjunct faculty in the Geography Department and became a full-time faculty member in 1998 when he was hired to teach geography courses and direct the state-approved Geographic Information Systems Program and certificates. He also created one of, if not the first, GIS certificate programs at the community college level in the U.S. Dozens of former students are now gainfully employed as a direct result of his efforts. Les also wrote and received an $800,000 GIS Access National Science Foundation grant in 1999, and he also served as United Faculty vice president and negotiator 2009-2012.

Mary Lou Ford — Mary Lou Ford worked as an instructional aide in the Computer Information Systems Lab. She was known for her cheerful interaction with students and her command of software. Organization is her forte which has kept the CIS lab running smoothly, ensuring a high level of service to students.

Joseph Gallo — Some of the Fine Arts Division’s favorite memories of Joe Galo are: his gold records proudly displayed on two walls, not pretentious, just proud; and playing his piano and composing beautiful melodies filling the office area with calm. Joe truly did feel like Cypress College was his home and music was his driving passion.

Laura Greico — Laura Greico has been part of the Cypress College family for 32 years. In that time, she has helped educate over 1,280 Radiologic Technology students. Laura worked at St. Jude Med. Center and came to Cypress College in 1984 as an adjunct faculty member in the Radiologic Technology department. In 1989 she was hired full time as the Clinical Coordinator. She was active in the California Society of Radiologic Technologist, serving as president and delegate. She also was President of the Orange District Society of RT and was active with the American Society of RT.

Phillip Grisotti — Phillip (Phil) Grisotti started with the NOCCCD at the District Maintenance Center in La Habra as a Maintenance Assistant I in the Automotive Shop in 1984. Prior to that, Phil was a weapons mechanic in the United States Air Force and he owned and operated Fullerton Muffler Service. Since Phil joined the Cypress College family in 1989 he dedicated himself to the Campus and it’s automotive and equipment repair needs.

Beverly Harrington — For 19 years, Bev Harrington touched many lives at Cypress College with her energetic personality and sensitive, compassionate, caring attitude towards Cypress College students. She began her Cypress College career in the Academic Computing department in 1996. Bev later worked in the DSS office at the end of 2013. In addition to focusing on students, Bev was a gurdian of the budget, and known to work vendors for a better price.

Roy Hurtado — Roy Hurtado started with the NOCCCD in 1975 as a Groundskeeper I at the District Maintenance Center in La Habra. Roy worked all sites with various duties ultimately becoming an Equipment Operator I. Roy made Cypress College his permanent home field in 1982 keeping the Campus Grounds and Athletic Fields in tip top shape.

Lydia Jewell — During her time at Cypress College Lydia evaluated 26,000 applications for admission to Health Science programs and has notified each applicant of the outcome. Over the years she also processed hundreds of students for nursing career mobility testing. When asked what she most enjoyed about her work she said, “Notifying applicants that they had been accepted into a health science program.” Lydia has been a strong supporter of our student worker program and has trained 1 to 2 student workers each semester.

Patricia Kishel — As instructor and department coordinator, Patti Kishel created new classes and programs to build the marketing and management departments to attract a wide variety of students. She achieved outstanding results in the area of certificate awards and made all of the Bus/CIS departments work harder to catch up with her. Patti and her husband Greg (who has also taught here) make an excellent teaching team and have co-authored many books and articles. The division and the community will miss her creative and energetic delivery of new approaches to marketing and management.

Veila Lawson — The satisfaction of counseling and mentoring her students has made a tremendous impact on Velia Lawson’s life, and she has felt honored to help the future teachers, Language Arts, and Social Sciences students attain their academic goals. She began at Cypress College in 1985, where she also contributed to the inception of the Student Success workshops for Academic & Progress Probation students, adhering to the philosophy that no college student should be left behind!

Rosalie Majid — Rosalie Majid retired after approximately 30 years as Coordinator of the Health Information Technology program at Cypress College. Rosalie is a past recipient of the California Health Information Association Educator Award for excellence in training new HIM professionals. She has been a dedicated advocate for creating awareness and fostering career pathways, beginning at the high school level. Her longstanding relationships with hospitals and healthcare partners in the Southern California area provided employment opportunities for many of her students.

Allen Mottershead — Allen Mottershead grew up in England during World War II but found his way to the United States via the University of Toronto, where he earned his bachelor’s in Electrical Engineering, and U.C. Berkeley, where he earned his master’s in the same field. He joined the faculty at Cypress College in 1969 and has taught more than 7,000 students here (and that’s a conservative estimate). He has authored two textbooks, which have been used widely and internationally, and holds a patent for a glazing maching used by Honey Baked Ham Corp. He is highly regarded as a professor who is as effective today as he was 50 years ago — something evidenced by his recent honor by EOPS as an instructor who makes a difference.

Anita Rogers — Anita Rogers started with the NOCCCD as a Senior Clerk in 1984. Anita held many positions here at Cypress College and some of the titles are as follows: Duplication Clerk, Switchboard Operator, Receptionist, and finally, Production Center Coordinator. In that last role, she produced in excess of 6 million copies per year of instructional handouts, tests, syllabi, etc.

Jesse Saldana — Jesse Saldana contributed many years to Cypress College as an adjunct CIS instructor and then as a full-time instructor after he retired from Boeing. His expertise in information technology and supervision from the aerospace industry was appreciated in the Business and CIS Division and on campus. He served on the Academic Senate for years as the division rep and was president. His leadership in the division as CIS instructor and CIS Department Coordinator was also appreciated.

David Wassenaar — Dave Wassenaar has worked in many capacities over the last 29 years: as a classroom instructor, Dean of Admissions & Records, and Dean of Business and Computer Information Systems. Under his tutelage, the Business and CIS division introduce flipped classrooms, a number of hybrid classes, and instituted computer forensics courses. Over the years, he has participated enthusiastically in a number of activities to advance Cypress College in and out of the classroom and in the community. Acknowledging his lifelong contribution, the Cypress Chamber of Commerce has selected Dave as the 2016 Man of the Year for the City of Cypress.

The following employees reached milestones in their employment at Cypress College in the current academic year.

Five Years: Russell Bacarella, Auto Technology; Mohammad Chaudhry, Library; Vivian Gaytan, Business Office; Nicole Alexandra Ledesma, Mathematics; Armando Vega, Public Safety; Sharon Webb, Language Arts Office; and Adrianne Williams-Collins, Custodial Services.

Ten Years: Terry Carpenter, Executive Vice President Office; Ly Chang, Admissions & Records; Margaret Cortez, Matriculation; Alfonso Flores, Custodial Services; Jennifer Franklin, Health Science Office; Joel Gober, Biological Sciences; Jerry Gomes, Grounds Maintenance & Repairs; Rebecca Gomez, Health Information Technology; Yongmi Han, Center for Intercultural Understand; Jeri Hernandez, Admissions & Records; Lori Hopper, Mortuary Science; Lenore Landis, Chemistry; Donny Lemos, Custodial Services; David McCament, Mortuary Science; Richard Rams, Student Support Services; Douglas Smith, Public Safety; Grace Suphamark, Photography; Jeanne Thompson, Financial Aid; Keith Vescial, Reading; and Alycia Wildman, Library.

Fifteen Years: Raul Alvarez, Foundation; Steven Auger, Disabled Student Programs & Services; Cindy Cao, Vocational Technical Office; James Carrocino, Library; Christy Davis, Admissions & Records; Daniel Fangmeyer, Building; Brian Gomber, Custodial Services; Sabah Hermiz, Custodial Services; Ian Holmes, Art Computer Graphics; James Hormel, Theatre Arts; Marcia Jeffredo, Maintenance & Operations; Ismat Kahlon, Academic Computing; Lawrence Keel, English; Erin Landry, Dance; Daniel Lind, Ethnic Studies; Abed Majdalawi, Academic Computing; Gina Marrocco, Center for Intercultural Understand; Sally McNay, Nursing; Louella Nelson, President’s Office; Mark Peterson, Music; Regina Rhymes, Sociology; David Richards, Public Safety; Luis Rivas, Custodial Services; Alison Robertson, English as a Second Language; Rebecca Rojas, Stud Act. & Spec Projects Office; Shirley Smith, Public Safety; Stephanie Spooner, Biological Sciences; Domenic Travaglia, Grounds Maintenance & Repairs; Diane Villegas, Fine Arts Office; Randa Wahbe, English; and Jennifer Wheeler, Health Science.

Twenty Years: Ron Armale, Physical Sciences; Larry Beidler, Physical Education; Linda Borla, English; Roselle Calderon-Teneza, Financial Aid; Matthew Carnes, Custodial Services; Robert Cavin, Philosophy; Lidia Coman, Auto Technology; Larry Curiel, Sociology; Steven Donley, Vocational Technical Office; Edgar Herrera, Foreign Language; Susan Johnson, Psychology; Kevin Luckey, Grounds Maintenance & Repairs; Brenda Maitlen, Switchboard; Jeanne Miller, Accounting; Alireza Moady, Computer Information Systems; Lisa Morales, Bursar’s Office; Melanie Nabahani, English; Dustin Nguyen, Admissions & Records; Paul Paiement, Art; Kathryn Sonne, English; Herman Tran, Grounds Maintenance & Repairs; and Barbara Woolner, Vice President’s Office.

Twenty-five Years: Peggy Austin, Library; Ana Cota, Physical Plant Office; Liana Koeppel, Forensics; Kathleen Kruse, Nursing; Patricia Pelachik, Data Processing; Brad Pickler, Physical Education; Cecilia Richie, Switchboard; Cynthia Shrout, Mathematics; and Kazuyo Takahashi, Foreign Language.

Thirty Years: Joseph Franks, Psychiatric Technology; Laura Greico, Radiological Technology; Robert Johnson, Photography; George Kraft, Building; Carol Lewis, History; and Eapen Peter Mathews, Political Science.

Thirty-five Years: John Alexander, Auto Technology; Carolee Freer, Court Reporting; and Mark Majarian, Dramatic Arts.

Forty Years: Angela Lippolt-Rios, Grounds Maintenance & Repairs.

Forty-five Years: Patricia Ganer, Forensics.



Board to Grant Tenure to Four Faculty


Four Cypress College faculty are poised to earn tenure on Tuesday night when the Board of Trustees of the North Orange County Community College District recognizes them for attaining this professional milestone. Two math faculty, Adam Eckenrode and Nicole Ledesma, will be recognized along with accounting faculty Ann Sheridan Solis, and Nursing faculty Marredda Williams Cooksey. The Board of Trustees meeting is held at the Anaheim Campus, beginning at 5:30 p.m.


Adam Eckenrode – Science, Engineering, Math

Adam Eckenrode came to Cypress College as a full-time faculty member in the Mathematics Department in Fall 2012. He taught while enrolled as a graduate student at Cal Poly Pomona and continued there as an adjunct faculty. He eventually started teaching at the University of La Verne and Mt. SAC. He described the workload as challenging and said that being asked to interview for a full-time position here at Cypress College was professionally life changing. “Accepting this position has been the greatest highlight of my career. I found a place I can call home where I get to work with amazing people within my department, throughout my division, and across the campus.”

His involvement at Cypress College includes: serving as the SEM division representative on Academic Senate, a tutor in the Math Learning Center, lead instructor for the mathematics Summer Boost Program, a Puente mentor, Strategic Plan direction committees, organizing booths at KinderCaminata, and three hiring committees.

Eckenrode received both his bachelor’s and master’s degrees in Mathematics from Cal Poly Pomona.


Nicole Ledesma – Science, Engineering, Math

Nicole Ledesma started at Cypress College as an adjunct in 2011 and was hired full-time in 2012. Her career highlights include getting hired full-time, earning tenure, and “being part of the best department in the world!” At Cypress College, Ledesma has served on the Student Learning Outcomes committee and currently serves on the Basic Skills Initiative and Curriculum committees. In addition, she served as the Statistics and Pre-Algebra course coordinator.
Ledesma earned her bachelor’s (2009) and master’s (2011) degrees in Mathematics at California State University, Fullerton.


Ann Sheridan Solis – Business/Computer Information Systems

Ann Sheridan Solis joined Cypress College’s adjunct faculty in spring 2003 and was hired as a full-time faculty member in fall 2012. She currently serves on the Curriculum Committee, Distance Learning Committee, and participates in a new Career Planning Committee. Additional activities at Cypress College include: Accounting Career Day; Student Accounting Society meetings with Cypress College students at Cal State Fullerton and Cal State Long Beach; Business Club Advisor; assisting students with obtaining various accounting internships and accounting jobs; and attending professional accounting society meetings with students to assist them networking and scholarship opportunities.
She holds a Certified Public Accountant License and earned her bachelor’s degree in accounting from Cal Poly Pomona.


Marredda Williams-Cooksey – Health Science

Marredda Williams-Cooksey, MSN, Ed., RN joined the Cypress College Nursing faculty full time in fall 2012. She was nominated as a Great Teachers Facilitator, a role she is fulfilling this month. She has also been involved on campus as a Remediaiton/Simulation Specialist for Nursing, and on the Curriculum and Accreditation committees.

She earned her associate’s degree in Nursing from Mount St. Mary’s, her bachelor’s degree at California State University, Los Angeles, and her master’s degree from California State University, Dominguez Hills.