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Donate Blood Wednesday and Thursday

Every two seconds, someone in the United States needs blood. That adds up to 44,000 units of blood needed each day. There is no substitute for human blood — it cannot be manufactured. In the Los Angeles region, blood is always in high demand though less than 2 percent of the population donates. With just one donation, you can help save multiple lives. – From Cedars-Sinai Blood Donor Services

The Associated Students are hosting their Fall Blood Drive week. Here’s what you need to know to help save lives:

When: Wednesday and Thursday (October 5th and 6th), 10 a.m.-4:30 p.m. each day

Where: Student Activities Center Conference Room

Donor requirements: Be in good health, and weigh at least 110 pounds. Tattoos are now allowed! (Must be healed and have been done in a licensed California facility)

Signup: Appointments can be made online at (Use group code “CYC”) or by calling Becky Rojas at  (714) 484-7199. Walk-ins are also welcome.

Do/Bring: Donors are required to have a photo ID. Make sure you’re hydrated (drink plenty of water) and have eaten a healthy meal before you donate.

Participants can also enroll in the National Marrow Donor Program.

All donors will receive a t-shirt or a coupon for a pint of Baskin Robbins ice cream. So, donate, save lives, and get a cool t-shirt or ice cream!

Donate a Day of Service

Donate a Day of Service Robert Parlor

Donate a Day of Service Robert Parlor

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world.” – Attributed to anthropologist Margaret Mead

We see images of violence, including wars, terrorist attacks, and mass shootings coming through our screens on an everyday basis. The political climate, both in the United States and abroad, is contentious, to put it mildly. It’s easy to be discouraged about the state of the world. But, as the quote attributed to Margaret Mead reminds us, the only way forward is for thoughtful citizens to commit to change.

On Wednesday, October 5th, the Associated Students & the Honors and Service Learning Program are giving students, faculty, and staff the opportunity to unite with other groups of citizens for change. From 11 a.m.-1 p.m. by the Pond, the 7th Annual Donate a Day of Service will feature booths where participants can connect with local non-profits such as the Boys Girls Club and the Orange County Food Bank.

If you attend the event, you can also make a difference right at that moment, by doing hands-on service including writing letters to members of the armed forces, making sandwiches for the homeless, and crafting items for hospitalized children. Donate a Day of Service is held in conjunction with the Fall Blood Drive, so you can save lives by giving blood as well.

To top it off, there’s free pizza for event participants. So come out, grab a slice, and make an impact!

Cypress Bistro Opens for Fall

roast beef

Attention foodies! Did you know that Cypress College offers gourmet cuisine that not only tastes amazing, but that is also quite photogenic? And at a reasonable price?

roast beef

CC Bistro33.1

Welcome to the Cypress Bistro, where talented students from our School of Culinary Arts and Hospitality Management prep, cook, staff and manage a fine (yet casual) dining experience on Thursdays, mid-September through early December. Under the guidance of an incredible team of faculty (who are also leading industry professionals), the Bistro serves up delicious themed lunch fare. For this season’s opening on September 15, the menu will feature New England cuisine: Chowder with fresh clams, potatoes, and cream as a starter, Yankee beef pot roast with baked acorn squash, succotash, whipped new potatoes, and Cabernet jus lie for an entree, and sticky toffee pudding with vanilla bean Chantilly cream and salted caramel sauce for dessert. Next week it’s on to a regional taste of the South.

Located at the Anaheim campus, the Cypress Bistro serves lunch from noon to 1 p.m. (last seating is at 12:15). The cost is $13, with beverages an additional $2. Lunch service will continue on Thursdays through December 1. Check out the complete list of featured cuisines for the semester here.

For reservations, please email Chef Tracey Heine with your full name and contact information. Come experience the fantastic food and delightful service provided by our outstanding students!

The Cypress Bistro is located on the first floor of Anaheim Campus, 1830 W. Romneya Drive Anaheim, CA 92801. 

Rededication Ceremony on Monday to Mark 50th Anniversary of Cypress College


Cypress College officially turns 50 on Monday. The campus community will celebrate with a rededication ceremony similar to the official dedication of the College on September 12, 1966.

On that day, the founding faculty, other employees, and the first class of students gathered at the flagpole — an event that included a warning to local Marines who were about to hoist Old Glory: Don’t tug too hard because the concrete holding the pole might not be completely set. Pat Ganer — then one of the first students and now Cypress College’s longest-serving faculty — will emcee Monday’s rededication.

The rededication is the first official event celebrating Cypress College’s 50th anniversary.

Please join us at the flagpole at 9:50 a.m. Additional information is on the 50th anniversary website. The event is open to all members of the campus community and the public, and is free.

ADVISORY: Monday’s 50th anniversary rededication will include a three-volley gun salute performed by military members from the Joint Forces Training Base. No live ammunition will be used in the salute.

9/11 Remembrance Included in Rededication Ceremony


This week’s 15th anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks will be incorporated into the rededication ceremony, which takes place on Monday, September 12 at 9:50 a.m.

The event — which includes participation of military members form the Joint Forces Training Base — will include a moment of silence in tribute to those who lost their lives in New York, Washington, D.C., and Pennsylvania on September 11, 2001.

The rededication ceremony will also include a three-volley gun salute.

ADVISORY: Monday’s 50th anniversary rededication will include a three-volley gun salute performed by military members from the Joint Forces Training Base. No live ammunition will be used in the salute.

Three-Volley Gun Salute on Monday as Part of Anniversary Event

 Joint Forces Training Base Participation in Rededication to Include Traditional Salute

Military Members to Fire Three-Volley Gun Salute

Military members from the Joint Forces Training Base will fire a three-volley gun salute as part of the flag retirement incorporated into Monday’s rededication of Cypress College. No live ammunition is used or present during the ceremony.

The flag being retired is donated to the College specifically for the 50th anniversary by the Cypress College Veterans Organization.

Tony Zapata, Special Project Manager for the Veterans Resource Center, explained the significance: “The current veterans at Cypress College wish the flag to fly and represent 50 years of military and military families that have walked the campus. This special group of men and women who have fought for our freedoms still stand united. That stereotypes and adversities do not define them. To represent the past present and future.”

The flag will fly for the first, and only time, on Monday before being retired and presented to Dr. Simpson on behalf of the College community.

Cypress College to Mark 50th Anniversary with Rededication Ceremony



It is one of the beloved myths of Cypress College that on September 12, 1966, during the initial dedication ceremonies, the concrete that set the flagpole was so freshly laid that it could not bear the weight of the flag. … The concern, though, was not entirely misplaced as the physical campus of the College was constructed with astounding rapidity. Newsweek had even spotlighted Cypress College before a single class had graduated when it noted “For pure speed, though, Cypress Junior College probably holds the record. In just 74 days, Cypress hustled dairy cows off its 112-acre campus and installed eighteen prefabricated buildings and 2,300 students.”

— Excerpt from “A Tree Grows in Cypress”
By Dr. Patricia Ganer

Please join us on Monday, September 12, 2016 — at the flagpole adjacent to Lot #1 — as we rededicate the College on its 50th anniversary. We will also mark the 15th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks. The ceremony begins at 9:50 a.m. RSVP: (714) 484-7127.

Eventbrite - Cypress College 50th Anniversary Rededication

ADVISORY: Monday’s 50th anniversary rededication will include a three-volley gun salute performed by military members from the Joint Forces Training Base. No live ammunition will be used in the salute.

Visit the 50th anniversary page.

Announcing the 17th Annual Cypress College New Play Festival


17th Annual Playwright Marquee-01

The Cypress College New Play Festival provides student actors and directors a place to help develop new plays with professional playwrights from Los Angeles. We are celebrating our seventeenth summer season. Our festival won the OC Weekly Best of 2008.

“Mark Majarian and the rest of this community college’s theater department deserve a chorus of hosannas for launching and growing a new-play festival as strong as any in Southern California. Many of the writers-and several of the plays-have subsequently received full-fledged productions at regional and off-Broadway theaters. They provide encouragement and incentive to playwrights, a strange breed of animal that chooses to work in an artistic field where recognition is hard to come by and financial compensation nearly impossible.”

Notable playwright collaborations have been with a reading and production of Oliver Mayer’s “Bold as Love,” Paula Cizmar’s “Venus in Orange” which was produced at the Victory Theater in Burbank, Jonathan Caren’s “Need to Know” produced at the Rogue Machine Theatre, Jennifer Maisel’s “@the speedofjake” produced by Playwright’s Arena, Erik Patterson’s “I Wanna Hold Your Hand” produced at the Theater of NOTE, Ruth McKee’s “Hell Money” produced at the Chalk Repertory Theater, Doug Cooney’s Long Story Short which won a design award and was invited as an “Invitational Scene” for the Region VIII, Kennedy Center American College Theater Festival. Also, Mickey Birnbaum’s “Big Death Little Death” (developed during the 2002 Cypress New Play Festival) which opened the inaugural 2005-06 season of the Wooly Mammoth Theater Company (in Washington D. C.). Mickey’s other play, “Bleed Rail,” (developed during the 2004 Cypress New Play Festival) was performed at the Theater @ Boston Court in Pasadena. Other notable past collaborations were with Cody Henderson whose play, “Cold Tender” won the 2002 OC Weekly award, Annie Weisman’s “Be Aggressive” which was produced at the La Jolla Playhouse in 2001 and Robert Glaudini’s “Poison Tree” which was produced by the Mark Taper Forum in 2001 and Michael Golamco’s play “Year Zero” which went on to premiere at the Victory Gardens Theater in Chicago in the fall 2009.


Performances: Thursdays 7:00 P.M. (June 30, July 7, 14, 21, 28, @ 7 P.M.) through July 28th. There will be a discussion with the writer following each reading. Admission is $5.00 to support the festival.

Studio Theater, Theater Building 9200 Valley View, Cypress 90630

For additional information, please contact Mark Majarian at (714) 484-7205, mmajarian (at)


This season’s line-up features the following productions: 

“Karina Played Pachanga Music” by Israel Lopez Reyes, Thurs. June 30th at 7pm. (4 men, 1 woman)

The play explores the underground world of techno-rancheras, poverty, and party crews in West Dallas. Katrina must escape a manhunt and save her missing brother from a dark party crew rival.

Israel Lopez Reyes | Short Bio

Recent acting credits include Concrete Orange: An American Fable (Guthrie Theater), A Midsummer Night’s Dream (UCLA) Life on the Praça Roosevelt (UCLA) Se Llama Cristina (Kitchen Dog Theater) The Last Days of Judas Iscariot (Company of Angels) and The Taming of the Shrew (Long Beach Playhouse). Israel participated in the Guthrie Experience for Actors in Training (2015) and the LAByrinth Intensive Ensemble (2012). He was recently awarded a full-scholarship with the British American Dramatic Academy at Oxford University.

His written plays include: the easterlies, Sir Dezmond the Black Knight of Inglewood Castle, bautista the real-life walking lowrider freak and the rodeo inside, Debunked Theories of the Burger King Party, Pigeons on the Greenline Headed Towards Norwalk, and BROKE (a cheap play for your broke ass).

“Pachucos of Palmdale” by Danny Herman, Thurs. July 7th at 7pm. (3 women, 4 men)

Pachucos of Palmdale is the farcical story of the blending of two cultures. Gabe, a whitewashed Latino Los Angeleno, gets stuck in the city of Palmdale. Gabe hopes to get back on the road to San Francisco, a place he believes could be home, his gay Mecca…until he has a run in with a Greek chorus of dating profiles that have other plans.

Playwright Israel Lopez Reyes

Daniel Herman
 | Short Bio

Danny Herman is an undergraduate BA Theatre Major at the University of Southern California. Pachucos of Palmdale is his second full length play written at USC.

“The Backroom” by Rebin Zangna, Thurs. July 14st at 7pm. (1 woman, 5 men)

A Lebanese-American student with high aspirations and his straight-talking, sometimes racist, Morrocan-American boss venture to make some extra money by buying a case of stolen phones. As they try to make extra side-money, they negotiate with the regulars of the cellphone shop. The day goes on and they are solicited by the student’s ex girlfriend, whom they both can’t resist and her boyfriend, who is highly terroritorial about what he feels is his. The pair’s relationship sours as they confront each other and others over matters of money, ownership, and what it means to do business.

Playwright Daniel Herman
Playwright Daniel Herman


Rebin Zangana | Short Bio

Rebin Zangana is plawright and screenwriter from Columbus, Ohio. He is currently an MFA student at the University of Southern California. Rebin wrote and directed his first short film, Artifact, in 2016. He is currently developing a story for a feature film, set to film in 2017. During his time at USC, Rebin has had numerous readings, including two short plays as part of Feuchtwanger Refreshed, an event celebrating German writer Lion Feuchtwanger. His, and other plays from the event, will be published as a collection by USC. As a storyteller, Rebin hopes to bring to the stage and the screen a more authentic and inclusive vision of American life.

“Staying Where You Are” by Erik Patterson, Thurs. July 21th at 7pm. (2 women, 2 men)

Is a moving and dramatic tale about a family caught in the generational cycle of poverty in the Pico/Union neighborhood of Los Angeles. How do you overcome your challenges, your demons? Where do you start, especially when all options that would preserve your dignity seem closed to you?

Rebin Zangana
Playwright Rebin Zangana


Erik Patterson | Short Bio

Erik is a graduate of Occidental College and the British American Drama Academy. His plays have been produced by Playwrights’ Arena, the Los Angeles Theatre Center, Theatre of NOTE, Evidence Room, and The Actors’ Gang, and developed through the Lark Play Development Center, Moving Arts, Black Dahlia, Naked Angels, and the Mark Taper Forum. He has had monologues published by Heinemann and Smith & Kraus. Along with writing partner Jessica Scott, he has written screenplays for Warner Premiere, ABC Family, the Disney Channel, The Hatchery, and Universal. He won a 2010 Writers Guild of America Award for Best Children’s Script (Long Form) for Another Cinderella Story. He was nominated in the 40th Daytime Emmy Awards for Outstanding Writing in a Children’s Series for “R.L. Stine’s The Haunting Hour”. His play He Asked For It was nominated for a 2009 GLAAD Media Award for Outstanding Los Angeles Theater. It was nominated for a 2008 Ovation Award for World Premiere Playwriting, as well as being named one of the Top 10 Plays of 2008 by Frontiers Magazine. In 2003, his play Yellow Flesh Alabaster Rose won a Backstage West Garland Award for Best Playwriting and was a finalist for the PEN USA Literary Award. In 2004, his play Red Light Green Light was nominated for an Ovation Award for World Premiere Playwriting.

“Welcome to Keene, New Hampshire” by Brian James Polak, Thurs. July 28th at 7pm. ( 6 women, 6 men)

Fast-forward Thornton Wilder’s “Our Town” 115 years. “Welcome to Keene, NH” is a three-act play telling the fictional story of a real American small town through the everyday lives of its citizens.

Playwright Erik Paterson
Playwright Erik Paterson


Brian James Polak  | Short Bio
He was born and raised in New Hampshire, that little chunk of a state shoved between Maine and Vermont and eventually moved to Los Angeles and received MFA from USC. His play HENRY AND THE HIPPOCAMPUS was a semi-finalist for O’Neil Playwrights Conference and a recipient of The Kennedy Center’s Jean Kennedy Smith Award. WAR PROFITS received the Kennedy Center’s John Cauble Award and was recently presented in The Road Theater’s Summer Playwright’s Festival. A couple of his short plays have been published in Smith & Kraus “Best Ten-Minute Plays” anthologies, and another has been published by Commonplace Books. In 2013 Brian wrote a play called TALES FROM TENT CITY about a group of runaway teenagers and he had the opportunity to workshop it with undergrad students at USC as well as at Loyola Marymount as part of their Playwrights Center Stage program.

Playwright Brian James Polak
Playwright Brian James Polak


For additional information, please contact Mark Majarian at (714) 484-7205, mmajarian (at) | #CypressCollege #Theater #Arts

Class of 2016 Lauded During 49th Commencement



Cypress College’s Class of 2016 includes nearly 1,300 students and another 500 plus who were awarded with occupational certificates. The 49th Commencement was held in the campus Gateway Plaza on Friday, May 27, with student participation at a near record high.

Pending finalization of grades, there are 1,298 students earning a total of 1,510 associate’s degrees as members of Cypress College’s Class of 2016. In addition, the College is awarding a total of 738 occupational certificates to 536 students. There are 571 students who have earned AD-T’s, guaranteeing transfer into the California State University system.

Some 292 students are graduating with honors — meaning they have maintained a Grade-Point Average of 3.3 to 3.74 during their Cypress College career. Of that group, 83 students are graduating with high honors — meaning they have earned a career Grade-Point Average of 3.75 to 4.0.

During the ceremony, Jeffrey Anderson was recognized as the Outstanding Graduate for 2016. Once a high school dropout, he earned a perfect 4.0 GPA at Cypress College. He is transferring to California State University, Fullerton in the fall and intends to pursue a career as a teacher.

Photographs, video, biographies of commencement speaker Donna Miller and Outstanding Alumnus Wayne Kistner, and more are in the Commencement Central section of the website.