College’s 50th Anniversary Recognized with “Key to the City” of Cypress



At the Cypress State of the City Luncheon on Wednesday, January 19, Mayor Paulo Morales (pictured above) presented Cypress College with an honorary “Key to the City” in recognition of the College’s 50th anniversary. Foam “#1” fingers with the name of the city and Cypress College, respectively, were also given out at the event. Officials from the College present at the State of the City included Executive Vice President Dr. Santanu Bandyopadhay, who received the recognition on behalf of the College, and Foundation & Community Relations Executive Director Raul Alvarez. Also attending on behalf of Cypress College were North Orange County Community College District Trustees Steve Blount and Barbara Dunsheath, Foundation Board Members David Shawver and Phil Wendel, and Cypress College Communications Director Marc Posner.

“We are humbled by the unexpected honor and presentation by Mayor Morales,” Posner said. “Our partnership with the City of Cypress has never been stronger thanks to the Mayor, City Council, and City Manager Peter Grant, as well as the executive team here at the College.”


Cypress College will be celebrating our 50th Anniversary with a Festival and Reunion on Saturday, April 1, 2017.  To register for the event and receive further information on 50th Anniversary activities, please click here


Dr. Simpson Delivers Annual Report to Trustees

Cypress College Annual Report for 2015-2016

President Bob Simpson presented his final Annual Report to the NOCCCD Board of Trustees on Tuesday night, lauding Cypress College students and the employees who support their success. The annual report presentation encompasses the Cypress College Annual Report and the Cypress College Institutional Effectiveness Report.

In providing an overview of the two printed documents, Dr. Simpson covered eight primary topics:

  • Measure J Bond Projects
  • Participation in the Baccalaureate Degree Pilot Program
  • Diversity and Inclusiveness
  • Equity
  • Academic Achievement
  • Completion and Transfer
  • Environmental Stewardship

“It is my honor this evening to present to you an overview of the 2015-2016 academic year at Cypress College. The College’s accomplishments will resonate and propagate decades into the future,” Dr. Simpson said in opening his presentation to the Trustees for the North Orange County Community College District and other leaders.

The Board’s decision to approve a new Science, Engineering, and Math Building served as the first significant highlight in Dr. Simpson’s report.

“This new building will support the education of our next generation of scientists, engineers, technology experts, and mathematicians,” he said. “In this new facility, students will learn concepts we can’t yet conceive.”

Construction of the new SEM building is scheduled to be completed in 2020. The project will run in tandem with construction of a new Veteran’s Resource Center and Memorial Plaza that includes a bridge spanning the pond.

The presentation continued with an update on development of the College’s baccalaureate degree in Funeral Services. One of 15 programs included in California Community Colleges pilot program, instruction in the Funeral Services B.S. degree program will begin in fall 2017. In the past year, curriculum has been developed and the accrediting agency approved the key components of the bachelor’s degree.

A highlight of the year was the Yom HaShoah event in May. Focusing on the College’s core value of Inclusiveness, the Yom HaShoah commemoration featured portraits of Holocaust survivors created by Photography Department Chair Clifford Lester. About 1,000 people attended the event, which featured survivor Dr. Jacob Eisenbach.

In the area of equity, Dr. Simpson highlighted the first-ever Equity Summit held in April and the shift in employee demographics to more-closely resemble the student body. He also noted that nearly half of the incoming freshman class were first-generation college students.

Speaking about academic achievement, Dr. Simpson said the number of associate degrees awarded has grown significantly in the past five years from 753 to 1,201.  The number of certificates awarded has also increased over that same period. In addition, 458 transfer degrees were awarded in 2015-16, up from 114 in 2012-13.

The College also exceeded its target for both degree and certificate completion. The most common degrees awarded by Cypress College are in Liberal Arts, Social and Behavioral Sciences, Life and Physical Sciences, Math, and Business. Students earn the highest number of certificates in Automotive Technology, and in the Hotel, Restaurant, and Culinary Arts program.

Finally, speaking about environmental stewardship, Dr. Simpson noted a recent state award presented to the College as a leader in energy efficiency.  Water consumption at the College was reduced by 30% and electricity usage by 5.4 million kilowatt hours last academic year. More than 8,600 energy-efficient lighting fixtures and bulbs were installed by College employees — generating an annual savings of approximately $80,000.

“These are good times at Cypress College and the unsolicited accolades we have received are the result of commitment, hard work, and a true investment in our students,” he said. “Fifty years ago, people of foresight and vision committed to the development of a new college serving the needs of North Orange County.  We and the students who have been served over the years are the recipients of that grand vision. Today, we are laying the groundwork for the next 50 years. It is a privilege to be a part of that legacy and to know that because we have dared to Dream Big Dreams, we are now positioned to Do Great Things.”

He closed with the observation that the two printed documents “validate the commitment of the College to our Core Value of Excellence.”



Associated Students Elections: Candidate and Ballot Information

AS General Elections Spring 2016

AS General Elections Spring 2016

The Cypress College Associated Students will be holding General Elections today through Wednesday (April 25-27). Students will have the opportunity to vote on AS Council candidates for the 2016-2017 academic year, as well as a potential increase in the Student Representation Fee from $1 to $2. The elections booth will be located behind the Student Center and will be open 11:30 am-1:30 pm each day. In order to vote, students will need a student ID card with current semester AS sticker, or current semester class schedule printout and a form of photo ID.

Below are photos and statements provided by the candidates, as well as the ballot language provided by the Associated Students for the proposed $2 Student Representation Fee.


Amanda Aros

Amanda Aros

1. Why do you think you are the most qualified person running for this office?

I believe I am the most qualified candidate for this position because of my experience, commitment, and drive. I have been in Associated Students for two years now and of those two years, I have been on our executive board for a year and a half. I am currently the Vice-President of Campus Activities and in this position I oversee all of the events our council held on campus. This position requires a lot of time and effort to make sure that things run smoothly. Moreover, commitment is a core value not only to me, but to the position of President. In my Associated Student career, I have committed countless hours of my free time to have events operate seamlessly so that our student body could enjoy them. Aside from event planning, I have been to three day conferences in which I was able to advocate for students on a state level. Lastly, I believe my drive and motivation make me the woman I am today. Getting an education is my number one priority and I am proud to say that I have overcome many struggles to make sure that happens. I strive to be better every day and with that attitude, I believe I would lead a strong council.

2. What will be your main goals and objectives if you are elected to office?

If I am elected into office I would want to make sure my council works as a cohesive group and focuses on student advocacy outside of campus committees. I believe having the council be on the same page is one of the most important aspects of strong leadership. It minimizes miscommunication and aids in efficiency. Our council goes to a conference every semester called General Assembly; this conference is where we represent students on a state level. All the community colleges across California get together to vote on resolutions (solution to a problem). This is a primary example of us advocating for students and I am looking to increase the opportunities we have. I believe our council should not be limited to a few trips. I believe we should pursue different advocacy functions than the regular ones we attend every year or semester.

3. In your opinion, what areas does A.S. need to focus more attention on and what will you do, if elected, to improve these situations?

In my opinion, AS need to focus more attention on the placement of students on campus committees and outreach to clubs/athletics. There are many campus committees that need student representation, but do not have it. If elected, my plan is to touch base with the students who have yet to sign up for a committee on more of a personal level, and help them find one that fits their schedule. These committees are how we communicate with our faculty, staff and administration; that is why it is imperative that we have representation. In addition to committees, as a council we seldom go to athletic events or club competitions. I believe it is very important that we have a good relationship with both our clubs and athletic teams, and one way to do that is by showing our support. An easy solution would be to gather some council members and cheer them on.


Tanya Washington

No statement submitted .

Executive Vice President

Tasmia Alam

EVP - Tasmia Alam Pic

Almost all of us, who are here, at Cypress College, are here because they want to make a difference, be it in their own lives, someone else’s or to the world. And like everyone else I too share the same hope. The Associated Student Council is a platform that represents and accomplishes that hope of making a difference. Thus it would be an honor to be a part of this representation.

1. Why do you think you are the most qualified person running for this office?

I would consider myself most qualified for this position for a few reasons. One of them being my current year experience in the associated student council. I have been appointed as an activities coordinator for the fall semester and have been elected as a senator for the spring semester, and both of these positions have given me a better understanding as well as hands on experience to what the duties and responsibilities of an Executive Vice President are. I’m confident that any of the duties that are assigned to me will get my undivided attention and the effort needed to accomplish it. Furthermore, I possess the skills that are expected from anyone working in the associated student council, such as integrity and a strong work ethic.

2. What will be your main goals and objectives if you are elected to office?

My goals for this office, as I have mentioned above is to make a difference and for the betterment of the students. Any student leader, given the opportunity to lead and be the voice of the students must have the ability to empathize with them and the commitment to address every opinion with a positive and its original intention thus my objectives are to reach out to as many students as I can and to let them know we are here for them.

3. In your opinion, what areas does A.S. need to focus more attention on and what will you do, if elected, to improve these situations ?

I believe A.S needs to focus a little bit more on to promoting themselves, so there are more occasions where more of us students get represented and if I’m given the opportunity to be the Executive Vice President of A.S, I would try my best to improve these situations to my best capabilities. Lastly, this opportunity would extend my abilities as a leader and be part of a team whose mission and vision matches mine.

Vice President of Campus Activities

Maria Alvarez

VP of Campus Activities - Maria Alvarez Pic

Cypress College has been such a turning point for me in my life . I am completely dedicated and committed to school like I always have wanted. Cypress is a just a great school to be in. I immediately signed up to student government the first semester I attended to help contribute more to our college. I am a very sociable organized person and I felt I would best contribute by being appointed activities coordinator .I learned many new inspiring leadership ideas and grew as a person first semester. As this 2016 semester approached I decided to be officially elected so my vote would count. I am so proud to being an elected activities coordinator now. I can found at our events with a huge smile . I feel with this year of experience as Activities Coordinator, I am now ready to be part of E board and Run For Vice President of Campus Activities .If elected I will be able to bring new ideas to the table for our events. A new idea I have created was bringing up an Such as providing an option for students who can not afford the As Bennift sticker so they don’t come out empty handed at our events. I strongly support this idea because If elected Vice President Of Campus Activities, my main goal would be for the students to want to participate and want to be part of our great college by providing memorable events .

Vice President of Fiscal Affairs

Allan Mac

VP of Fiscal Affairs- Allan Mac Pic

I am interested in A.S. because I have had previous experience in High school ASB. It is also because I want to learn more valuable skills by joining a higher level of Students Government. Another reason for me joining A.S. is that I could make new friends who have the same interest as I do in helping other fellow students at Cypress College to have a wonderful college experience. One but not least, joining A.S would definitely help prepare me for the real world.

I am the most qualified for the position of Vice President of Fiscal Affair because I have the most important skills and quality that this position required. For instance, I am good with numbers, as a matter of fact, I am really good at calculations, and this position is going to require a person who can handle loads of numbers efficiently. Furthermore, I am passionate about everything that I do. In other words, I do things not because I love doing something, but because I make myself love doing whatever I do because everything is important for development and if you just do things that you love, you will eventually get bored because of hardship and fail. Once I am elected, I will make sure that all the tasks that I am given would be completed by deadlines. Because of my math skills and my passion for everything I do, I am the most fit for this position.

My main goal if I am elected to this office is that I could help A.S manage budget properly. In addition, I also aim to successfully apply everything I know into doing my job so that when I leave office, I will have mastered the skills that I learned from my classes. One but not least, I hope that I can show others that math is not as hard as they think and anyone could do it since I used to do bad in math but with commitment and ambitions, I am able to apply math in life efficiently.

A.S, in my opinion, needs to focus more on providing more help to the students, not for themselves, but to help them help others. For instance, many students might need opportunity for community service but they do not know where to get those hours. As A.S, we should focus more on helping students find these opportunities so that we can all contribute to the school and to the community. If I am elected, I would try my best to bring up ideas about finding volunteer opportunities for A.S and other students at Cypress College since doing this would help everyone to have a chance to put something amazing on their resume. In addition, doing this would help enhance other students’ chance of transferring to a good school and to help them becoming passionate people.

Executive Secretary

Melanie Veliz

Secretary - Melanie Veliz Pic

I believe I am most qualified due to my past and current experience. I am currently in A.S. and have held two positions within my first year at Cypress College. My first semester I was an Activities Coordinator and then the Vice President of Public Relations. These positions were both great sources to gain leadership skills. They helped me prepare for the current position I am seeking , Executive Secretary. As the Executive Secretary, I must be punctual, organized, and much more. I do indeed do to not only my experience at Cypress College, but high school. I have been involved in ASB , Girls League, Link Crew, and a Foreign Exchange Ambassador program . All of these programs all share the common principles of being a leader. They all require leadership , organization , and planning skills. All these are skills are essential for the best possible outcome for any council. As an individual I still have a lot to learn and am more than willing to grow as a person on the A.S. 2016-2017 Council as Executive Secretary.

My main goals and objectives if elected would be definitely be very punctual to all meetings. Also, conducting an efficient way of recording minuets at any A.S. meetings. I know as Executive Secretary I would have to maintain an archive of all general and special meetings. This position is important because it is the verification and resource to several fund requests , which is relied on. Distributing draft and Approved minuets would also be a duty for this position.

It is my first year in A.S. so there still hasn’t been any faults that I have noticed. My only suggestion would be the advertisement with in the campus. Many students are still unaware or don’t feel comfortable participating. As I went around asking for people to sign my petition , many asked what this was for. I elaborated and was given the opportunity to explain and promote A.S. in general. Many were in awe and had no idea that it existed. Realistically not every student may have the time to be as involved, but they should still be aware. Promoting is a major element that will help conquer its purpose. Overall that would be the only topic that I think that is not emphasized as much.


Chief of Staff

Lona Redd

Chief-of-Staff - Lona Redd Pic

1. I am the current Chief of Staff. I have cut our spending by 50% for events on campus and off campus. I have initiated fund raisers and have grown relationships with local companies. I have an extensive background in public relations and purchasing. I can offer more to this position, because of my knowledge in business. I have been present at our meetings and events. I go above what is called of me to complete our tasks.

2. My main goals for this position are to continue to cut the budget and help to create mor4e support for the student body. This means being creative and finding solutions for making the students experience more memorable.

3. I feel that there needs to be more focus on what will benefit the student body. I also feel that the concerns of the students should be first priority. My goal would to find ways to have these concerns heard and find solutions to correcting the problems.


Monica Santana

Senator - Monica Santana Pic

Associated Students has made a huge impact on my college experience so far and I want to continue in it. It has taught me many communication skills that will benefit me in the long run and also many networking skills. It also has helped me break out of my shell a little since I tend to be more on the quiet side when it comes to government and politics and this last semester in A.S was an awesome experience. I am definitely a qualified candidate because I have had previous experience in A.S last semester here at Cypress College and I am currently in it this semester. I also was in ASB at my high school for two years and I already know how politics on a campus works. I also served as a Treasurer for Girls’ League, a club at my high school, so I have experience as a board member.

My main goals as an elected Senator are to volunteer my time and input as an elected member and help out in every event as needed. I also want to make sure the campus is well represented by getting input from students and peers. I really want to encourage others to join A.S and having this experience of running for a position is key.

A.S has done a great job representing a huge number of students but there is always room for improvement. For the next academic school year, we should focus on getting more non A.S member input on improvements or ideas to make the campus even better. If I get elected, I plan to make sure there is more student involvement on the decisions we make during our meetings and make it more known to the public. I know many students do not know about the Associated Students yet alone SSCCC resolutions, so my goal is to make it more known, that way more students can get involved. Surveys are a great way to get more numbers and opinions so if I get elected; I definitely plan to take action and help spread the word.


Ben Tadesse

No statement submitted.

$2 Representation Fee Ballot Language

Should the Associated Students of Cypress College adopt a voluntary $2 Student Representation Fee?

By California law, one dollar will be invested in building an autonomous, professional statewide student organization which advocates on behalf of students of California Community Colleges to legislators and through formal consultation with the System Office and other organizations. The other dollar will fund advocacy efforts determined by your locally elected student government.

The Associated Students  of Cypress College currently use the $1 for things like:

  1. Travel to Sacramento for the purposes of speaking with California State Legislature to advocate for the rights of Cypress College students.
  2. Travel and registration to statewide conferences for the purposes of voicing the opinions of Cypress College students to the statewide recognized student representative organization.
  3. All other costs associated with the representation of Cypress College students.


Chancellor Search: Open Forums Held February 11

Updated February 11, 2016 at 1:53 p.m.

The four finalists in the selection process for the new Chancellor of the North Orange County Community College District (NOCCCD) participated in open forums on Thursday, February 11, 2016. The finalists are:

To view their biographies, please click here.

Provide your feedback on the candidates.

At each open forum, finalists presented a brief statement and answered questions from students, faculty, staff, and community members. Comments and public feedback will be submitted electronically via the District’s website, and will be reviewed by the NOCCCD Board of Trustees.

The Board of Trustees will interview the five finalists on February 12. Plans are to announce the new Chancellor this spring, with a start date of July 1.

Mr. Fred Williams has served as Interim Chancellor of the NOCCCD since March 2015.

The candidates made their presentations in Cypress College Complex, Room 414 at the times listed below:

9 a.m. — Dr. Cheryl Marshall
10 a.m. — Dr. Melinda Nish
11 a.m. — Mr. Cliff Davis
12 p.m. — Dr. Elñora Webb

The College also broadcast the presentations live (video feed inset below) with recordings made available on Thursday afternoon. Separate forums will be held at Fullerton College. Additional (and potentially updated information) is available on the NOCCCD website.

Forum broadcast:

Live streaming video by Ustream


Full Video of Candidate Forum for Vacant Area 3 Trustee Seat Available

NOCCCD Special Election

Four candidates for the vacant NOCCCD Board of Trustees seat representing Area 3 participated in a candidate forum last night at Cypress College. The League of Women Voters of North Orange County sponsored and ran the event.

The North Orange County Community College District Board of Trustees Area 3 includes major portions of Buena Park and La Palma, as well as parts of Cypress and Anaheim. A special mail-in election will be held February 9, with vote-by-mail balloting beginning January 11.

The four candidates are:

  • Stephen T. Blount, Member, Cypress School District Board of Trustees
  • Daniel D. Billings, Contract Manager
  • Steve Hwangbo, Orange County Businessman/Councilmember
  • Alan ‘Al’ Salehi, Trustee, Buena Park Library District

To learn more about the candidates, visit the Orange County Registrar of Voters.

The North Orange County Community College District is governed by seven elected trustees who establish all policies that guide the general operation of the District. Student trustees representing each of the colleges also sit on the Board.

For more information on the Trustee Candidate Forum, please contact Debra Vagts at the League of Women Voters of North Orange County at (714) 390-3852 or NOCCCD District Director of Public and Government Affairs Kai Stearns Moore at (714) 808-4829.

NOCCCD Special Election

Community Invitation: Special Election Trustee Candidate Forum, January 12th

The League of Women Voters of North Orange County is sponsoring a Trustee Candidate Forum Tuesday, January 12, 2016 for a vacant seat on the North Orange County Community College District Board of Trustees. The seat represents Trustee Area 3, which includes major portions of Buena Park and La Palma, as well as parts of Cypress and Anaheim. A special mail-in election will be held February 9, with vote-by-mail balloting beginning January 11.

Potential candidates have been invited to participate in a Candidate Forum moderated by the LWVNOC.
Please join us for this important event:

Tuesday, JANUARY, 12, 2016 at 6:30 P.M.
Cypress College Fine Arts Building, Rm. 304
9200 Valley View Street, Cypress 90630

This is your opportunity to meet and ask questions of the candidates to make a more informed decision about the future of District governance. The event is free and open to the public. Additional information via the Orange County Register.

To learn more about the candidates, visit the Orange County Registrar of Voters.


The North Orange County Community College District is governed by seven elected trustees who establish all policies that guide the general operation of the District. Student trustees representing each of the colleges also sit on the Board.

For more information on the Trustee Candidate Forum, please contact Debra Vagts at the League of Women Voters of North Orange County at 714.390.3852 or NOCCCD District Director of Public and Government Affairs Kai Stearns Moore at 714.808.4829.

New Science, Engineering, Math Building Approved by Board

An artist's rendering depicts what a new Science, Engineering, and Math Building might look like. The potential new facility is one possibility that has gained traction as Measure J planning is progressing.
An artist's rendering depicts what a new Science, Engineering, and Math Building might look like. The potential new facility is one possibility that has gained traction as Measure J planning is progressing.
An artist’s rendering depicts what a new Science, Engineering, and Math Building might look like. The new facility was approved by the NOCCCD Board of Trustees last wee as part of the Measure J program.

A brand new Science, Engineering and Mathematics Building will replace the existing facility. The decision to start from scratch rather than conduct a full remodel was approved by the Board last Tuesday when Trustees reviewed a study comparing costs for the two options.

Providing modern facilities to support the sciences was a top priority of voters when they approved Measure J in 2014.

“I believe this decision is one of the most significant and positive actions taken by our Board during my time in the District,” said Cypress College President Dr. Bob Simpson, who then addressed his two primary themes in communicating change to employees. “When I consider ‘Dream Big Dreams’ and ‘Do Big Things,’ this is what I am talking about.”

The decision facilitates the construction of a state-of-the art facility that will not be constrained by the existing building’s footprint and unalterable interior concrete walls. The current building does not meet existing student demand. In addition, the new building can incorporate both a planetarium and design features that allow for future expansion. Designing and building fully modern labs is another key benefit of starting from the ground up.

The decision came on a unanimous 6-0 vote by members of the North Orange County Community College District Board of Trustees at their meeting on Tuesday, December 8. Dr. Simpson and Vice President Karen Cant presented Trustees with the result of a study comparing the benefits of the two options, a renovation versus new construction, as well as a fiscal analysis.

Cypress College will begin planning for the new building, which will be constructed adjacent to the existing building and the Library/Learning Resource Center. Once construction is complete on the new SEM building, the existing facility will be used as swing space for the duration of the Measure J construction program. Another advantage of building a new facility is that it eliminates the need for a multi-million-dollar, temporary and disposable “science village” and for $19 million in upgrades to the the existing building to bring it up to code prior to a full renovation. It also means that expensive and delicate equipment will only need to be moved once, rather than both to and from a temporary facility.
In addition to allowing for expansion to meet current needs and for future expansion should the program continue to grow as projected, the new building facilitates stronger ties with the College’s Nursing Program and its Mortuary Science Program.

Baccalaureate Program Approved by Accrediting Agency

CC_Mort-Sci _IMG_9289

Screen Shot 2015-02-04 at 2.29.50 PM

Cypress College is one giant step closer to offering a baccalaureate degree.

Selected in January as one of 15 campuses to pilot test the California Community College Baccalaureate Degree Program, a significant hurdle was cleared late last week when Cypress College’s proposal was approved by the accrediting agency. The action officially allows Cypress College to offer the new program: Bachelor of Science in Funeral Service/Mortuary Science. Instruction is set to begin in fall 2017.

The action taken by the Accrediting Commission for Community and Junior Colleges is officially known as a “Substantive Change” and it means that students who seek their bachelor’s degree will do so at an institution qualified to present such a degree. Without approval of this request, Cypress College would not have been able to offer instruction.

Earlier this year, the California Community Colleges selected Cypress College as one of the 15 campuses to participate in the program.

“There are many who deserve our thanks and appreciation for this significant achievement at the College, District and state levels,” Cypress College President Dr. Simpson said in an email to the campus community. “At the top of the list are our Mortuary Science faculty and staff who ‘Dreamed Big Dreams.'”

Cypress College also received congratulations from Dr. Brice Harris, Chancellor of the California Community Colleges.

“What an exciting opportunity for your college to be selected as one fo the 15 Baccalaureate Degree Pilot Programs,” he said. “I realize the extra work is significant as we collectively develop new programs, but the opportunities for our student are extraordinary and you have my sincere appreciation for taking on this exciting endeavor.” Dr. Harris’ full letter is posted below.

Cypress College’s Mortuary Science Program was selected in November 2014 by North Orange County Community College District Trustees to apply for the California pilot program. Districts were permitted to submit only one program each. Programs also were required not to be in conflict with bachelor’s-degree programs already offered in the Cal States or UCs. In September 2014, Gov. Jerry Brown signed legislation that allows California community colleges to award bachelor’s degrees in a pilot program. The legislation, known as SB 850, was sponsored by Sen. Marty Block (D-San Diego).

Cypress College and the NOCCCD will provide financial oversight for the entire Baccalaureate Degree Pilot Program in California.



Record Enrollment Possible as Fall Headcount Challenges 2009 Mark

Welcome Back

Welcome Back


Enrollment is as strong as it has ever been. As of today, Cypress College has 16,672 students enrolled in classes. That’s two greater than the all-time high recorded at first census. First census is an important milestone since it establishes official enrollment in a course and is the point in the semester from which the state derives benchmark enrollment figures.

In Fall 2009, Cypress College had an unduplicated student count of 16,670 at first census. State budget cuts in subsequent terms precluded the College from expanding on that record enrollment.

With the first census date arriving this Sunday (students can drop up to that date with no record of enrollment noted on their transcripts), it appears as if Cypress College will record its second-highest headcount figures in college history.

Depending on how many students have yet to use add codes, it is possible that the all-time high could be eclipsed. Headcount — the number of unique students enrolled in at least a single course — peaked at 16,699 on August 29 and 30.

A dip of just 27 students since last weekend is a strong indicator that faculty have successfully made retention of students a priority.

“Thank you for your contribution towards improving access to post-secondary education for the students,” Executive Vice President Santanu Bandyopadhyay said. “This would not have been possible without the excellent teamwork, right from outreach to marketing, enrollment services to financial aid processing, high quality of instruction, and accommodating as many students as possible in the classroom without compromising on pedagogy. Job well done!”

While keeping students enrolled through census is an important step for the College, the goal is to foster student success through course and program completion, he noted.

“Access is the initiation of the academic journey of our students,” Dr. Bandyopadhyay wrote. “Our next goal is to retain the students in the classroom and helping them acquire the skills they need in order to be successful. I am confident that with your commitment and dedication to our students, we will see the improvement in retention and success of our students. Let us continue the great work!”

Campus, Community Members Provide Feedback About Upcoming Construction Projects

An artist's rendering depicts what a new Science, Engineering, and Math Building might look like. The potential new facility is one possibility that has gained traction as Measure J planning is progressing.
An artist’s rendering depicts what a new Science, Engineering, and Math Building might look like. The potential new facility is one possibility that has gained traction as Measure J planning is progressing.

Members of the campus community and the public have participated in four open forums designed to provide information and solicit input about upcoming projects derived from the Measure J Bond Program at Cypress College. Feedback from the forums will guide evolution of existing plans and help shape the 20-year renovation of the Campus.

At the most-recent forum, held for employees and students on August 27, Vice President Karen Cant and architects provided an overview of the long-term and initial plans. The first projects to enter construction will likely include expansion of the Library/Learning Resource Center and construction of a Veterans Resource Center — something voters expressed a strongly desired. A new concept that has gained traction is the potential to build a new Science, Engineering, and Math Building rather than renovating the existing facility. Once the new building was complete, the current SEM Building would be used as swing space for the duration of the Measure J construction program. The concept would foster a more-efficient right-sizing of classes and labs and result in cost savings from eliminating the need for portable buildings. It would also allow construction to continue in permanent facilities, rather than temporary quarters.

In addition to the August 27 forum (summary not yet available), members of the campus community also gathered on May 18 (read the meeting summary). Two forums focused on gathering feedback from the College’s neighbors were held on June 25 (meeting summary) and July 29 (meeting summary).

Cypress College’s educational facilities — including the Science, Engineering, and Mathematics classrooms and labs — will be transformed during the next 20 years as a result of Measure J. In addition to the STEM disciplines, the many other projects include renovation of the Fine Arts Building, expansion of the Library/Learning Resource Center, and construction of a new Veteran’s Resource Center. Measure J passed by a supermajority (55%) of the voters in the District on November 4, 2014. The bond will provide $574 million Cypress College and the North Orange County Community College District for facility renovations on each of the District’s three campuses: Fullerton College, Cypress College and the School of Continuing Education.

Cypress College’s vision for the future of the campus is detailed in the Educational and Facilities Master Plan. Revisions to the projects and goals will be guided by our stakeholders, including students, employees, and the community.

During her Opening Day presentation to College employees, Vice President Cant shared additional detail related to Measure J planning. These include:

  • Cypress Campus Architects hired Spring 2015 – DLR Group
  • Cypress Capital Projects Manager – hiring committee formed
  • Program Management Company recommended to the Board – MAAS Company
  • Comprehensive Master Facility Plan to be updated
  • Established a Measure J Bond web page:

In addition, she also noted several projects that are underway or have recently been concluded:

  • Orchestra Pit Cover
  • Laser Leveling of Soccer Field
  • Water Conservation Project
  • Thermal Energy Project
  • Baseball Fieldhouse
  • Fire Alarm/Mass Communications Pilot Project
  • New Campus Marquee